Brewers Beat: Injuries Could Begin a Down Slide for Brewers

BrewersThe Milwaukee Brewers are currently the number one team in Major League Baseball right now and holding strong. There is cause for concern though, with the injuries on the team. Matt Garza and Ryan Braun are the latest victims. One has to wonder if this could begin a slide down in the rankings for the Brewers, due to the teams injuries.

Matt Garza is currently on a day to day basis with a right thumb contusion. The contusion on his pitching side can cause some real issues for him in the future. If the team does not give him the time to heal correctly, there will be problems throughout the season for Garza. Garza’s injury occurred early in the game against the St. Louis Cardinals in the fourth inning.

BrewersRyan Braun went out with an Intercostal strain only a couple of games prior to Garza. Braun, the Brewers slugger, is a costly loss for the team. There is no direct information as to when he will return. He is listed as day to day, but his absence is felt by the team. At the end of the three game series with the Chicago Cubs, Braun exited with the injury. The loss of his presence has been felt but the Brewers have gone on to win the three game series in St. Louis, 2-1.

Jean Segura was injured in the Chicago Cubs game when Braun accidentally hit him with his bat. Braun was getting lose on the top step of the dugout and struck Segura in the face. The short stop was able to return in the Cardinals series to give the Brewers a boost with two hits, one run and one RBI.

The injuries that are most costly at this point are to the pitching staff. The Brewers could begin to find themselves in a down slide with injuries to some of their key players. With Matt Garza and Tom Gorzelanny on the 15 day DL, the bullpen may need to step things up. The team has had success because of the outstanding pitching they have received. Nevertheless, with injuries continuing to mount, the Brewers will have to fight to hold on to their current status.

Brandon Kintzler was out with a strained right rotator cuff. This could plague him the rest of the year if he does not let the strain heal fully. He has looked good so far, but an injury like his present one, can flare up at any given time. It is the type of injury that affects how he will pitch for the duration of the season. His rotator cuff will have to be iced regularly and he will have to throw less sliders and curve balls. Certain pitches can and will irritate the injury. Fans can hope that it is a minor strain and that the two weeks off will be enough time for it to heal.

Logan Schafer, left fielder, is out with a strained right hamstring. He is expected to return soon.

With all the injuries, the question that comes to mind is if they can stay healthy. This was a problem for the Brewers last year. They had some key injuries that they just could not quite come back from. The hope is that this year will not have the same affects as last year.

Being the top dog in the league, the Brewers have to fight every game to keep their top position. The losses to the Cardinals and the Reds, back to back, is not going to put much confidence in the fans, but the team has shown resilience and is not likely to give up any time soon. The brewers have had a great start to their season in April, going 19-8 in the month.

The way things look, only injuries to key players will beat them. The team is not beating itself up at the moment, as they are playing well on defense and swing the bat well at the plate. Troubling both fans and players alike, are injuries. Will the Brewers slide as a result of injuries? Could the team begin to show weakness from the loss of key players? That question will have to be answered over time, but for now, the team can feel good about where they are in the standings.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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