Disney Infinity Announces Marvel Characters

Disney Infinity

Back in August of 2013 Disney Infinity, the popular video game that features Disney characters in a sandbox style, open world adventure, was released to the previous generation of consoles. Now in 2014, Disney Interactive Studios have formally announced that there will be a new version of the game featuring Marvel comics characters.

The original Disney Infinity video game was released on August 13, 2014. It came out for XBOX 360, Playstation3 and Wii. Before it was released, it was announced back in 2010 and was developed for approximately $100 million. The game plays similar to the popular Activision  franchise, Skylanders. One of the key differences between Disney Infinity and Skylanders is that customers know exactly what they are getting when they buy an individual toy or a Skylanders theme pack. When it comes to purchasing the toys For Disney’s sandbox video game, the main characters can be seen in the packaging. However when it comes to purchasing new power disks for the game the customer is buying the product completely blind. The power discs are not essential for game play, but they do allow players to unlock new content to further enjoy the game. The tiles unlock a large number of in-game content such as random items, vehicles, locations and building block for the game’s Toy Box Mode and much more. The Original game included character, themes and items that were found in Disney movies such as Pirates of the Caribbean, The incredibles, Tangled and Frozen to name a just a few.

Yesterday, Disney Interactive Studios announced that they will be releasing another expansion for the Disney Infinity video game. This fall Marvel characters will make an appearance in the game and bring much more new elements to the already massively interactive game. The Marvel characters will have similar looks to that of the Disney characters. The new sets of characters will bring new items and locations to the rotation that is Disney Infinity. New levels to be seen are Asguard, Marvel Manhattan and more will be announced at a later date.  So far the heroes that have been announced are Thor, Spiderman, Hawkeye, Black Widow, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk and Iron Man. All of the characters fall into a one or more categories like brawler, agility and ranged depending on their method of attack. Counting the former mentioned options there will be 20 more heroes that will be released, as well as 80 original power discs that are unique to the Marvel Universe.  A new feature by the name of Locomotion will divide the different character by the abilities they possess. Some characters can fly, some can crawl on walls and those who do not have powers or a special form of movement will be able to take advantage of one of the many vehicles that will be available in the new version of the game.  Disney Interactive addressed an issue that many would ask about somewhere in the future. In this updated version of Disney Infinity it will be possible to play with the original game characters, locations and items and import old content as well.

So far there is no set release date for the updated version of the game. Although, it is scheduled to come out somewhere in the fall of this year. Once released there will be a starter pack which comes with the three Avengers, Thor, Black Widow and Iron Man.  The Marvel Super Heroes version of Disney Infinity is slated to release for XBox One, XBOX 360, Playstation 3, Playstation 4, Wii U, PC and Mac.

By Mike White

Game Informer

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