Brewers Beat: Milwaukee on the Losing End

BrewersThe Milwaukee Brewers have found themselves on the losing end of the series against the Cincinnati Reds. With one game to tie the series, the Brewers are scratching their heads. Saturday was not the outing the team was looking for with the San Francisco Giants on their tail. The Brewers are still in first but have some work to do to maintain the lead in MLB.

With the 6-2 loss to the Reds, the Brewers are wondering what just happened. The Reds are not even a .500 team as of yet, but with Johnny Cueto on the mound they did not need to be.

Johnny Cueto

Cueto had a great night against the Brewers in the 6-2 win. He was able to rack up 10 strike outs on the night. Allowing only three hits and one walk, the score should have been less than it was. Two of the three hits Cueto allowed were home runs, brining his ERA up to 2.25. Not bad for eight innings pitched. Cueto was on the money tonight with his pitches. He was throwing hard and accurately. An impressive display on the mound left the Milwaukee Brewers on the losing end of his 10 strike out night.

Yovani Gallardo

Yovani Gallardo, on the other hand, did not have the game expected by the Brewers. His ERA was a 6.00. In six innings, Gallardo allowed 9 hits, four runs with one walk and one strike out. Gallardo did not have the backing from the plate as he usually does. Although Gallardo has not recorded a win for nearly a month, he has not recorded any losses either. The Brewers offense has kept them in the games and they have made a number of come backs in late innings against a number of teams. Saturday against the Reds, Gallardo was not so fortunate. He recorded his first loss of the season.

Injury Report

Ryan Braun was placed on a 15 day DL for the Brewers and has no return date as of yet. Braun is out with the right oblique strain he suffered from in the Cubs game in the middle of April. Matt Garza should return any day now, possibly on Sunday against the Reds. Garza suffered from a bruised right thumb, being a right-handed pitcher, it was important they allowed him to heal. Tom Gorzelanny is still out on with no sight of when he will return. Gorzelanny hurt his left shoulder early in the season and is hopeful to return soon. Last but not least, Jim Henderson is out with a right shoulder inflammation and has no return date as of yet. Henderson was placed on a 15-day DL on May 2, so it may be awhile before we see him.

Milwaukee Brewers

Mark Reynolds and Aramis Ramirez are the only two runs that were recorded Saturday night. Both, Reynolds and Ramirez, hit solo home runs for the team. The team had a heck of time out there against the Reds pitcher Johnny Cueto.

They knew with Cueto they were going to have a tough time. They have seen him many times and expected a tough game. They have run into a wall, with the injuries and the teams hitting not really doing much. It may be a difficult stretch but realistically it is only reflective of the last four games. They have lost three of the four but they have what it will take to brush it off and move forward.

The Milwaukee Brewers may be tired of seeing themselves on the losing end of games but it is clear they will not continue down this path. The team will settle in and get their heads back in the game. The problem may be they are focused on the injuries or it could be they were feeling pretty good about where they were in the standings and just took their eye of the ball temporarily. Whatever the problem, it is up to the players to put the last few days behind them and get at it.

Commentary by Jabar Morarend

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