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Nigerian Abducted School Girls Await Rescue

Nigerian Abducted Schoolgirls

Over 200 Nigerian abducted schoolgirls wait for their rescue. John F. Kerry is in Africa and has pledged American support to find the missing girls. The Secretary of State gave a lengthy speech citing these terrorists are nihilistic in what they offer with their words. The schoolgirls of Nigeria went missing over two weeks ago. It is believed they were abducted by militants and are being sold as brides.

Boko Haram is the militant group thought to be responsible for this insidious and despicable act against humanity. The Nigerian government needs outside support as they have been unable to control these acts in 2013 and 2014 and as far back as five years. This mass abduction of over two hundred girls occurred on April 14th. Boko Haram is an Islamic militant group, which may have taken some of the girls and forced marriage upon them. Their very name means “Western education is sinful.” They do not claim responsibility for the abduction.

Nigerian Abducted Schoolgirls Missing 17 DaysSecretary of State, John Kerry, gave a lengthy speech about American policy and the United States objectives in Africa. For one, he said we will work with the institutions and military, to help combat the Boko Harem’s terror and violent actions upon the people of Africa. Kerry further added that it is the responsibility of the world to meet the needs of the people, for which the terrorists try to overcome others with their blanket words. These groups just demand people follow them or else, offering nothing, no freedom or peace.

Women in Nigeria have taken to the streets in three cities expressing their frustration and loss for all to see. The world watches as young people, school girls have been in captivity for over two weeks. The Nigerian government is going after this Boko Haram near the Sambisa Forest; they believe the terrorists have them hidden there. The new count of Nigerian schoolgirls waiting to be rescued is 276 and after 17 days this tragic act of violence does not seem anywhere near over. But for the  kidnapped girls their lives will be forever altered.

Nigerian Schoolgirls Missing 17 DaysThe plan is set for the Nigerian military to take on the Boko Haram and the forests where they hide out. All roads in and out will be infused with the military. The Nigerian Air Force has fighter jets and helicopters for surveillance. Specially trained individuals with experts in landmines and bombs will assist. The Nigerian government has setup medical assistance with ambulances for transport of the injured when this mission goes down. The hope is none of the girls will be hurt during this raid as the terrorists will look to save their own lives.

Nigerian president, Goodluck Jonathon, has used the May Day celebrations to show his intentions of destroying Boko Haram. This apparent lack of urgency the world saw, and or rescue of the girls shows their inability to gain control over these militants. He says the girls must be found and brought back alive. Will we watch in horror, like the sinking of the South Korean ferry boat, as hundreds of teens lost their lives due to misinformation or will we see the faces of over 200 school girls, returned to their families?

The Nigerian missing school girls wait for their rescue after being sold for $12 to Boko Haram militants, according to parents who received this information via villagers in the forest.

By Kim Troike





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