Burger King Changes Slogan After 40 Years

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After 40 years of having the slogan “Have it your way,” Burger King is rolling out changes. Starting Monday, the fast food chain is switching over to the new slogan “Be Your Way.”

In an effort to retain customers who are losing interest in fast food as they seek fresher and healthier alternatives, Burger King is changing its slogan to reach people on a more personal level. While the old motto worked well for decades, executives have decided that it was somewhat limiting because it only incorporated their customer’s choice in hamburger toppings. The old slogan suggests that customers can order their food whatever way they want it. There is no shame in asking for a whopper without mayo or with extra pickles, for example. The new slogan, however, suggests that customers should live their lives however they want, through their choice of hamburger toppings and beyond.

Global brand management senior vice president, Fernando Machado, said that “Have it your way” is focused on the purchase and the ability to order a hamburger a certain way. “Be your way,” on the other hand, extends into the person’s lifestyle. It is a more personal slogan that tells people it is acceptable to not be perfect and that means in all areas of life. It encourages people to be themselves and to express themselves no matter what they do. The idea suggests that Burger King cares about the lifestyles of their customers and they want to fit into people’s busy lives.

They aim to branch out and involve other areas of life in their motto to create a “stronger emotional appeal,” said Machado, who is a recent addition to the Burger King franchise. The new slogan was developed with David, an ad agency which has been hired to assist with developing a streamlined global marketing campaign.

In a press release, Axel Schwan, global chief marketing officer at Burger King, stressed that the new slogan has an extended reach. He said, “the executions under Be Your Way will showcase our guests being their own way in whatever iteration that may be.”

The Miami, FL based fast food chain will also stop using the “Taste is king” slogan that they rolled out a few years ago. They believe the new Burger King slogan is a better fit for the current market. They took note from Taco Bell, which began using the Spanish “Live mas” slogan in 2012, which translates to “Live more.” The company hopes that the changes in executives, ownership and menu items, along with the new branding efforts, will help boost sales.

As Burger King changes its slogan from “Have it your way” to “Be your way,” the executives attempt to make a stronger emotional appeal on potential customer. After 40 years of the same slogan, the company felt it was necessary to update it with something that was more fitting for the current marketing conditions and expressed acceptance of imperfections and differences. The new slogan is being rolled out on Monday night, including a TV ad that will air in the U.S. This follows the release of an online video ad in April.

By Tracy Rose


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  1. GPOC   May 29, 2014 at 11:42 am

    Why not just “Live your way”?

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