Chronic Lyme: More Than a Naturally Occurring Disease?

Chronic Lyme

Last week there was a protest in Arlington, Virginia where a group of  chronic Lyme Disease sufferers, along with many local news stations, gathered around the sidewalks in front of the Infectious Diseases Society of America (IDSA) building. This was long expected following a publicized investigation in 2008 by Attorney General Richard Blumenthal who discovered flaws in the IDSA diagnostic guidelines. An agreement was made to restructure a voting process and the examination of the diagnostic criteria, however, the IDSA allegedly violated the terms of this agreement. Other claims from the Lyme community have asserted and maintained that there is much more behind Lyme and chronic Lyme than a naturally occurring disease.

Governor Peter Shumlin of Vermont signed a bill this year that would give doctors vast latitude in treating long-term symptoms of tick-borne diseases. Advocacy groups claim this is one of the major flaws with the IDSA guidelines since it prevents or hinders doctors across the country from treating patients. It is said to specifically restrict physicians and insurance companies from working together to provide care and options to infected persons.

Over a decade ago, pathologist Alan MacDonald, MD discovered that there is a tertiary Lyme disease condition similar to that seen in tertiary syphilis, which causes a form of dementia. This is not the only condition or disease the various strains of Lyme bacteria may cause, however. Multiple sclerosis is a condition that is said to be influenced by a variety of factors, and for reasons still unclear, is somewhat correlated with Lyme infection.

Globally, multiple sclerosis prevalence parallels the distribution of the Lyme pathogen Borrelia (B.) burgdorferi. The rates of people who later develop MS exactly mirror the seasonal distributions of Lyme transmitting ticks. This finding was published in PubMed by Fritzsche M. with the Clinic for Internal and Geographical Medicine, Switzerland.

There is much speculation as to why there has been a surge in infection rates. Robert Herriman, infectious disease examiner with discusses the possibility of Lyme disease spreading from the lab facilities on Plum Island just off the coast of the United States mainland, and is close to the core of the recent Lyme outbreaks in Connecticut. Herriman speaks about the history behind Plum Island and the U.S. lab facilities there.

Dr. Erich Traub is one German scientist who allegedly worked as a bio-engineer during World War II for the Nazi regime, implementing biological warfare experiments. He is also claimed to have worked at Plum Island under United States provision following his commission at the Third Reich’s virological and bacteriological warfare program. Many advocates believe this theory is supported, leading to the conclusion that many of the Lyme cases seen today could very likely be more than just a naturally occurring disease, but also an effect of a modified and heavily influenced bioweapon.

Lyme sufferers are not the only population striving to help fight this public health crisis. The International Lyme and Associated Diseases Society (ILADS) has a program to educate physicians in Lyme disease, often referred to as Lyme literacy. On the front of their page is the statement, “Because doctors aren’t trained shouldn’t be the reason why you live half a life.” This program is called the International Lyme and Associated Diseases Educational Fund (ILADEF).

During the protest last week, members of the media interviewed many of the chronic Lyme activists and discovered a wide array of damages and personal circumstances that have been said to be directly caused by the flawed guidelines. Finding a doctor who acknowledges and is willing to treat chronic Lyme is one of the greatest challenges this population faces.

Chronic LymeThe IDSA felt the heat during this event as a Fox 5 reporter was escorted out of the IDSA building by police and other security following what some speculate was a moment of hard questioning. It was also reported that the agency’s phones were turned off during the protest and those phone calls that were actually getting through were redirected or placed on indefinite hold. The protest organizer, Josh Cutler, was able to meet with a small group of IDSA representatives (photograph here) and was able to hand over a couple documents for their review.

At one point, an IDSA member agreed to consider looking into modifying the guidelines.

Leaving this condition untreated has caused neurological conditions in many chronic Lyme sufferers. A large percentage of those infected are claimed to have died from the infection, or are currently bed-ridden or confined to a wheelchair. At the protest was a sign held by several activists that listed the names of 722 chronic Lyme sufferers who wished to have attended the protest but were otherwise too sick to be present.

The next step for the Lyme community was reported in Yahoo Finance. “Lyme warriors” are calling for congressional investigation of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), IDSA, and vaccine manufacturers. A well-known activist and Lyme researcher, Carl Tuttle, says this investigation is long overdue. He says there is a conflict of interest and improper influence which has inflicted suffering and financial losses for thousands of sufferers.

It still remains a mystery as to whether or not Lyme disease is more than a naturally occurring phenomenon, and to what degree is has been influenced by man, but much has yet to be revealed as chronic Lyme is reportedly on the rise. Though Lyme cases were previously under-reported, the CDC now claims 300,000 new cases are being acquired every year. This statistic places the infectious disease in the spotlight, as no physician can now deny the seriousness of such an illness.

By Lindsey Alexander


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9 Responses to "Chronic Lyme: More Than a Naturally Occurring Disease?"

  1. Questioner   May 28, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    IDSA, CDC and NIH have no interest in investigating lyme disease further for a cure if needed. They love their (probably) fake infectious disease, HIV, which gets tons of funding and can never be cured if it isn’t real.

  2. Lane Poor   May 28, 2014 at 11:37 am

    Progress sometimes comes in leaps and bounds, other times slowly.
    Thank You Lindsey Alexander for a nicely balanced, summary of the “current history” of the struggle that those with the TBD’s, including “Lyme”, go through every day. The politics, (fear and arrogance) are literally killing us, and the promise is out there, already well chronicled. Just wish that the web formatting would allow printing! (The print icon doesn’t work with Mozilla).

  3. 4mothernature2   May 27, 2014 at 10:11 pm

    I agree, Mr. Grier. I believe it is intentional because they know what causes Lyme Disease and they don’t want American’s to know that we have been harmed by chemical companies like Bayer, Monsanto and the others…(and the military, of course) infecting insects that spread diseases. We can always wait for the French to investigate the problem for us, as they did with the AIDS epidemic…America took credit for it…but it was France that put it together while America slept (because they thought it just a “gay man-black man” issue and not important…) Or possibly because America caused the AIDS epidemic via the original Polio Vaccines using unwitting Africans as “lab rats”…Either way, France investigated AIDS while we did nothing. I wonder if they have Lymes Disease in France or if it’s only near our miitary bases and chemical companies, slowly migrating outward over time and distance.

  4. Tom Grier   May 27, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    Borrelia can and does sequester in the brain. (See Lyme on the Brain Lecture Notes parts 1-4 and pathology slides) Yet not one taxpayer dollar has been spent to do vital brain pathology studies to understand the process of Borrelia species brain invasion and persistence in the brain post-antibiotics. In 1903 there was a ten year argument in the medical literature of whether Syphilis was a cause of dementia. The argument was eventually solved ten years later by doing repeated brain pathology studies on dementia patients. Currently 100 years later we have an almost identical argument happening with Lyme disease of whether Lyme can cause dementia and persist in the brain after recommended treatments. This is an argument that can only be settled by brain autopsies on Lyme, MS and Dementia patients. Yet we do not pursue these studies nor are our research monies ever dedicated to Lyme disease pathology studies. Our medical community the people paid by tax-payers to protect our health; should be pursuing these studies not preventing them. Too long the IDSA and CDC has promoted the use of antibody-serology tests as an endpoint to determine both diagnosis and the cure for Lyme disease. This is just bad science, and I believe purposeful obfuscation. Tom Grier

  5. Brian   May 27, 2014 at 5:38 am

    exposure to the Borrelia B bacteria and it’s Osp’s, especially OspA, causes immune suppression via fungal antigens that shuts off the autokill kinase (apoptosis), leading to “B” cell cancers, and infected cells appearing to be leukemia/lymphoma. Once your cells have been “tolerized” via TLR2 (toll like receptor 2) agonists you are more susceptible to further gram negative infections via a process called Endotoxin Tolerance. Kind of a mini AIDS without the AIDS “virus”. Interesting to note that HIV’s glycoprotein 120 has THREE OspA molecules whereas Lyme (Relapsing Fever) has ONE OspA molecule. Any IDSA “Evidence Based” misinformation is just that, misinformation…….

  6. lymebuster   May 26, 2014 at 6:06 pm

    Lyme is a myriad of pathogens with some of them leading to chronic infections. There are so many zoonotic pathogens and we have so few tests to ascertain exactly what is within the toxic soup that was injected. The immune system becomes compromised and we wind up with many of the opportunistic infections of AIDS patients. Reactivation of herpes viruses and Toxoplasma gondii and fungal infections. It is time to tell the truth about the severity of “lyme disease.”

    • 4mothernature2   May 27, 2014 at 8:44 am

      When you consider that scientists have scoured the earth in search of every deadly plant and animal, indeed extract or synthesize these toxins to make “certain chemicals”, then it is plausible that the effects are mutating animals, plants, insects and people.
      In my DNA, for example, there are “mutations” in the RYR genes. I looked up the RYR genes on genecards and they are linked to the Ryania plants…which natives in South America used to poison dart guns…yet I’ve never been to South America and neither have the other people sharing this mutation with me…but we DO live in a superfund site and “Pesticides” not regulated by FIFRA were part of the toxic elements listed by the EPA (finally) for our superfund site. And there ARE pesticides made with this plant or a synthesized version of it.

      My hypothesis is that it depends on ones ethnic admixture as to how ‘sick’ or disabled one becomes, in some cases…kinda like “gene specific or gene targeted toxins”. Sounds Sci-Fi to me, yes, and yet, I didn’t know I had “Asian” genes or “Jewish” genes or “Sub Saharan African Genes”…until I tested our DNA and looked at the smaller increments on Strange how my ailments tend to link to genes that are one of those ‘minority genes”..Oh, yeah, I “LOOK” white. Don’t get me wrong, with a high concentration, I think the toxins will kill everything and everyone, but ‘ low dose chronic exposure’..more so minorities.

      Remember, the “Pesticides” like Agent Orange and BHC 666 were made when we were at war with Vietnam and or Japan…”Asians”. Many of our vets being mixed race in many instances, suffered from a toxin that I think was meant to harm ‘only’ Asians…and then “OOPS” they found out Asians and some Native American’s share genes…(And, yes, I did know our ancestors were Native American) So it would not be surprising to find that ticks with lymes disease or mosquitoes carrying malaria or cows with mad cow disease, dogs with rabies, etc… were ‘infected’ by a pesticide as I believe people who have lymes disease were infected by ticks or mosquitoes infected by “pesticides”.

  7. 4mothernature2   May 26, 2014 at 2:26 pm

    I’m of the opinion that Lymes disease is due to ticks and other insects being purposefully infected by chemicals of war (also known as pesticides) and the insects have ‘mutated’ rather than dying from the exposure. Once bitten, the toxins from these mutated ticks and mosquitos make us sick. I live in Missouri; hometown of Monsanto and Mallinckrodt, Syntex (Hoffman-Taff) and others… and they have all released and continue to release harmful chemicals of war in our state since the 1960’s. These toxins were found in our 1979 USGS water report of the Salem Plateau and Springfield Plateau which include Agent Orange’s “2,3,7,8 Dioxin (The pesticides are known as 2,4-D and 2,4,5-T); Alpha, Beta, Gamma and Delta BHC 666” (which is the pesticide known as “lindane”. After this report, the USGS changed the description of these pesticides to “POPS” or other such vague language. Since America’s CIA thought it a good idea to hire the Nazi Chemists after we shut Hitler down…and used their chemical ‘inventions’…and even saw some of the scientists working for the United Nations; “Helmut Kallmeyer served as senior executive in the State Statistical Office in Kiel and later for the Food and Agriculture Organization of the **United Nations (FAO)”. Other Nazi scientist went to work for BAYER! It wouldn’t be a far stretch to think they contaminated our water, soil, air, and insects to ‘get even’ for their defeat. It is probably known by the CDC…but the government would have to admit they saved and then hired these scientists AND that they were DUPED and allowed chemical terrorists to enter our lands and harm our people. Our CIA did far more harm to our citizens by hiring these chemists than the Nazi’s ever did, in my opinion. I’ve had Lymes Disease for about a year now. Energy? No. Endurance? No. Healthy? No.

  8. Jeff Levy   May 26, 2014 at 2:25 pm

    What Is Lyme Disease:  An evidence-based exploration of the concepts and common medical misconceptions of Lyme disease

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