Comedians Kevin Hart and Mike Epps Battle on Twitter [Video]

Kevin is the most successful comedian in the game right nowComedians Kevin Hart and Mike Epps battle it out on Twitter. There is no question about the success Kevin is currently experiencing to many fans but for some reason Mike felt the need to call Kevin out by saying he was overrated. The Let Me Explain star, who says he missed Mike’s comment about him because he was too busy working, took a break from his busy schedule to respond.

During a radio interview with K104 Mike called Kevin the most overrated comedian in the game right now. He said sometimes marketing is bigger than actual talent. The Next Friday actor went on to say this business is not as much about being funny as it is when it comes to being forced on people. One can be forced on people and be considered really, really funny and if this business was really based on being funny none of these “suckers” would be in it.

Perhaps Mike felt replaced when Ice Cube chose Kevin to be his sidekick in his most recent film, Ride Along, which proved to be a hit among movie goers. Mike has had several roles in films as Ice Cube’s partner but this time the rapper decided to go another way. Kevin definitely did the movie justice and kept the laughs coming as ticket sales soared.

Kevin may not be Mike’s choice as a deserving comedian but this Philly native is one of the biggest stars in the game today and he does not seem to be slowing down. Instead Kevin is succeeding at a remarkable pace. He has experienced many failures but has doubled in success with movies, stand up acts and even the fake “Reality Television” world.

The actor’s stand up comedic film, Laugh At My Pain debuted in 2011 bringing in nearly $2 million during its opening weekend; the film itself only cost $750,000 to make. The accompanying soundtrack also did well by going platinum five times. Kevin’s Let Me Explain film only cost $2.5 million to produce, which the star funded himself, and by the end of the opening weekend had grossed $17.5 million.

The ride has not been easy for Kevin; instead it has been a long and rocky experience. He did not become a success overnight.  Kevin he took a lot of risks, including quitting his job, but paced himself while climbing the ropes of stardom.

Kevin has been in the business of comedy for over 15 years but has recently starting reaping the benefits of his labor. Many deemed him a failure after the movie Soul Plane flopped in the box office. It took a while for him to rebound after that and many people would have no doubt understood if he decided to drop out of the comedic pool.

However, Kevin did just the opposite and instead of give up he went on to build himself up. He spent a great deal of time at venues such as low-key comedy clubs and college campuses doing shows. It was a rough time for the star but he stayed the course. His work ethic has always been a plus for him and has proven to be one of Kevin’s major strengths in show business.

Mr. Hart is a big social media buff. He actively engages with his fans through the use of social media platforms. He is not one to allow his assistant to manage these platforms for him; he likes to be involved personally with those that support him.

This mega-star learned the art of laughing at his pain early on. This style of comedy, much like that of the late, great Richard Pryor, keeps him relatable to his audience. Kevin has had some rough times throughout his life and career and has chosen to make it all a part of his stand up acts; from his painful divorce, his small stature to times where he was booed off stage. He continues to allow his fans a front row seat to his success and failure.

It seems he has now allowed his fans into another part of his world which culminated with a bitter feud between himself and Mike Epps. In response to Mike’s “overrated” statement, after speaking about it to his 10.5 million Twitter followers, Kevin took to Instagram and released a viral video ultimately telling Mr. Epps not to come for him because they are at two different levels. He ended by saying, “Until you do better with ticket sales, leave my name out of your mouth.”

The battle between the two comedians went on for several tweets. However there is no question about the success Kevin is currently experiencing. The only question would have to be directed to Mike as to the reason he felt the need to call Kevin out in the first place to a public audience as opposed to celebrating his season of success.

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By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  1. Shanequay   January 14, 2015 at 6:02 am

    Rev, Really? Stick to preaching!

  2. Rev.   October 9, 2014 at 5:31 pm

    Mike Epps is correct. Kevin Hart is funny in situation comedies. Kevin’s stand up is a weave. Looks good for a day but you still know its not real. Mike has stand up down cold!#muchlove4MikeEpps

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