‘Halo’ Series Coming to Showtime


For those of you who are excited to play the new Halo game on your Xbox One gaming console, you will most likely see it on Showtime first. The movie network is working close with the Microsoft corporation in order to make a live action television show based on the highly anticipated Xbox video game.

Last year the Microsoft corporation announced that they are partnering with the one and only legendary film director, Steven Spielberg. some noteworthy films from the very well-known director include E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, Saving Private Ryan and Schindler’s List. Spielberg will be brought onto the project as the executive producer. Spielberg will be working with 343 Industries and Amblin Television in order to make the show the best it can possibly be. 343 Industries is an extension of the Microsoft Studios corporation. It was created after Microsoft separated with Bungie, the original studio behind the Halo franchise. 343 Industries is now in charge of handling all things that are Halo related. This includes the video games, novels and the upcoming television series. The deal involving the television series with the Showtime network has been a long ordeal for Microsoft studios, which would most likely explain why they have been so delayed with the release of Halo for the Xbox one. The deal went long because the original plan for the series was to have it released two times–once on the Showtime network and the second time it would stream over the Xbox console. The Xbox streaming method would also allow for interactive activities over the Xbox Live network. Details are still being negotiated.

Currently there is no set plot for the new video game television series, but Microsoft Studios’ vice president Phil Spencer stated that show will not be filler. According to Spencer, with Steven Spielberg at the helm the show will be done the right way. This is not the first time that Microsoft Studios has made an attempt at making a series. In an attempt to drum up publicity for the fourth game in the Halo saga, the studio released a web series entitled Forward into Dawn. The web series focused on the training camp were Marines are trained in combat tactics and groomed to be soldiers that will fight against the invading alien forces known as the covenant. Xbox Entertainment also recently released an original documentary which focused on the 1983 burial of the millions of copies of the terrible video game based on E.T., one of Spielberg’s films. Halo is set to be on Showtime.

Earlier this week the Microsoft corporation revealed a list of other shows that they plan to broadcast over the Xbox live Networks. The Halo series was on the list along with many other programs.

Every Street United is soccer reality television a show that focuses on a search for talented soccer players who go undiscovered all over the world.

Fearless is an unscripted show where the host travels the world in search of people who try to make the world a better place.

Microsoft Studios and Xbox Entertainment are simply bursting with ideas for new media to be shown on their console. The upcoming Halo series that will air on Showtime is only the beginning. Whether it is video games or Television shows, Microsoft really knows how to keep fans coming back for more. The New Halo series that is set for Showtime has not yet set an air date.

By Mike White


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