Cyrus Continues the Downward Spiral

CyrusMiley Cyrus sure gets a lot of press in these tense times during our Crimea standoff with Russia, nuclear pursuant Iran and naughty North Korea executing its citizens and threatening the world. Considering she is simply an entertainer, Cyrus still manages to get enough people talking about her performances and behavior to warrant a lot of ink. There is an old adage: “bad press is still good press.” Even if people are complaining about her raunchy outfits, debased behavior and seemingly lack of any moral compass, they are still talking about her.

It is well know that the Disney days of innocence and fun are a shattered dream from a vanished past, and Cyrus has embraced her new role as a twerking, sex promoting deviant, like many have before her. The only thing that makes her transition to such a loose and unwholesome image shocking, is the descent from her once family friendly perch as Hannah Montana. The legions of young followers that do not regard her age or legal status as factors allowing the bearing of skin to all, still follow her every move, and sadly mimic the racy, strip club influenced gyrations she employs so well.

While she continues to up the ante with penis shaped stage props, making out with midgets and showing more and more of her body to the world, it seems there is no standards in her life. A parental figure that would caution her against the things she’s doing cannot be found, and as she throws herself continually into this realm of overt sexuality, the cautionary signs can be seen along the way.

Speculation on her health continues to be shaded over with lighthearted tweets and cover stories, but the sad truth is that she’s just a young girl in a sex-crazed world all alone. The frenzy of the ritual that a performer goes through with their audience raises the bar of expectation, and when it reaches it crescendo, a crashing downward spiral can ensue.

Amanda Bynes, Britney Spears and others have reached that breaking point, and the secret darkness many stars carry is like a burden they can’t live without. Sadly, it is frequently afterwards that an examination of their surroundings, including their handlers and supporting cast, reveals that despite their fame, seemingly carefree and fun life, they were very much alone. Miley Cyrus appears to be living the dream, but history is a far better teacher than the tabloids.

Miley Cyrus’s latest performance at a club in London, England continues to push the envelope, and while it has garnered her some press and attention, the internal toll may begin to show before long. People have a certain threshold for things. Depending on the person, some people can manage it better than others, but Cyrus’ recent supposed allergic reaction to antibiotics coupled with past tweets about depression are telling.

CyrusAfter tweeting that she had been crying herself to sleep and taking Xanax, she removed the post and tried to imply she had food poisoning and had accidentally “butt dialed” her conversation. Hardly the sophisticated cover up a person of her savvy would be expected to come up with, but maybe it was a cry for help. Celebrities hide scars, fears and depression behind the masks of characters and personas which are largely invented for the industry they are a slave too. The real danger is the lack of any real love in their lives that leaves them unhinged after years of psychological abuse and conditioning, and in the end the results can be fatal.

Cyrus is a bright light in the world; beautiful and talented and young. With any luck she will realize this, and raise the bar on her decency meter. She certainly has enough talent to not have to hit the downward spiral of sleaze and debauchery just to get a few lines of press.

Opinion by J. Benjamin

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One Response to "Cyrus Continues the Downward Spiral"

  1. Natalia   May 12, 2014 at 10:21 pm

    This girl can only get attention parading herself in the media in such a distasteful manner. Her cheap way of presenting her image is disgustful and pathetic. She knows she drives attention this way so its obvious that its the only way she knows how. Her parents can sit there and defend her so called “ARTISTIC behavior” as many say, and as parents it doesn’t say much of their parenting skills as long as she gives them a percentage of her earnings and that she can lavish them with material things then its ok that they can sell their soul to the DEVIL and hers too. The parents that let their teenager buy her records and attend her concerts they too are lacking basic, common sense parenting skills and should partake in some type of “IDIOT PARENT CLUB”. There is a difference between an artist with talent and trash that comes on stage to sell herself as talent. Miley Cyrus has become the Popular Prostitute PIMPED by her own parents to the American Music Industry in exchange for the riches of the AMERICAN DOLLAR. ‘Natalia’ (Nellie)short story writer

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