Daniel Radcliffe Denies Reunion for Theme Park

Daniel Radcliffe Denies Reunion for Theme Park
Daniel Radcliffe, star of the world-renown Harry Potter films, has denied reports that there will be a reunion between him and his former co-stars to film new scenes for the opening of a new ride at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter theme park in Orlando, Florida. This statement comes just days after the ride’s art director (Alan Gilmore), who was also the art director of the films, claimed that Radfliffe would be joined by Emma Watson and Rupert Grint for the opening of the proposed new ride.

Radcliffe, 24, outright shot down this claim, stating that he had not been approached in any way concerning the matter. The actor has suggested the possibility that those involved in the event might be using existing footage of the three that had already been filmed during the movies, but there was certainly no truth in the art director’s claim that the trio would be making an appearance at the ride’s opening. Indeed, as the ride is entitled Escape From Gringotts and allows the rider to experience their own reenactment of the trio’s dramatic escape from the wizarding bank, it is plausible that footage from the original scene in Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 may be used to give the ride a more authentic feel.

When it comes to the reasoning behind why Daniel Radcliffe has flat-out denied anxious fans a reunion for the theme park ride, the actor says that he does not want to get caught up in doing appearances and the like for the theme park. He claims that he has previously been approached to become involved with the development of The Wizarding World of Harry Potter, but feels as though it is not in his best interest as a developing actor to do so. Radcliffe expressed his concern that with the continuous expansion of the theme park, his involvement would never end, something that the actor has no interest in letting happen. Radcliffe has confessed that he has no desire to still be known only as the boy who played Harry Potter, as his acting endeavors expand much further than the popular movie, and getting overly involved with the theme park would certainly put a damper on this goal.

Indeed, the London native has certainly been trying to establish a post-Potter name for himself. Since the wrap-up of the movie series in 2011, Radcliffe has starred in a number of movies and even a short television series, The Young Doctor’s Notebook. The most successful movie the actor has starred in since laying down his wizard’s robes for good was The Woman In Black, a British horror film based on novel of the same name. The movie earned $20 million during its opening weekend, bringing it to second place at the box office. The film’s success boosted the actor’s reputation as someone who could perform in more than just children’s movies, a feat he had been trying to achieve even before the Potter movies had come to an end.

Fans that had hoped to see their favorite best friends team up one more time will certainly be disappointed that Daniel Radcliffe has denied them a reunion for the theme park ride. However, the actor clearly has his reasons for declining this opportunity.

by Rebecca Grace

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