Demi Moore Rocks the Cradle

demi mooreDemi Moore continues to rock the cradle as the actress is seen with younger boyfriend, Sean Friday, in Hollywood on Thursday at the De Re Gallery opening. Though Friday, 27 years old, did not accompany the Indecent Proposal star on the red carpet into the event, the two were seen inside showing public displays of affection. Moore was accompanied by Brian Bowen Smith, an artist. “This guy,” Moore said, “he’s one of our artists.” The 51-year-old actress was acting very flirtatious with Bowen Smith, holding on to his arm and resting her head on his shoulders playfully. Photographs taken by Bowen Smith of Moore were highlighted at the event that evening.

Though 51 years of age, Moore certainly doesn’t look it as the A Few Good Men star looked beautiful in a white jumpsuit by Katharine Kidd, wedged shoes designed by Lanvin and wearing a jacket by Sandro. The actress looked tanned, toned and was glowing.

Inside the event, Friday was seen rubbing Moore’s back as the couple snuggled up together while Moore whispered into his ear and the two were seen laughing together. The drummer also was seen playing affectionately with Moore’s hair. Singer Michelle Branch was one of the stars mingling with the age challenged couple in between the touching and flirting.

According to the Observer, the couple did not leave together either but Friday was seen walking past Moore and gently touched her back as if to say that it was time to go. Later the couple were seen across the street at a restaurant.

Moore and Friday were first seen together in Tulum, Mexico for New Years. The couple looked like they were having a great time on the beach and swimming together. Though the couple are rarely seen out together, they were spotted again in February at the Seyers Club in Hollywood to watch daughter Rumer Willis perform. The couple was spotted again in April outside of a Hollywood bar kissing and looking very happy and into each other. Demi Moore and Sean Friday have been together now for about six months, clearly the actress is still rocking the cradle successfully. Apparently the actress has not learnt from her eight year marriage with Kutcher who was 15 years her junior.

Moore had a rough time after the very public break up with husband, Ashton Kutcher. The Hollywood couple split after pictures of Kutcher arose cheating. Moore had friends worried with the actresses sad and self-destructive behavior. At one point, people were speculating that Moore was bulimic or anorexic when the Striptease star was photographed looking thin and skeletal. It was touch and go for a while with the actress, leaving everyone to wonder if the Ghost superstar was ever going to bounce back. News of Kutcher and now fiance, Mila Kunis, being pregnant, had many fans questioning if Moore would relapse into her once fragile state. That doesn’t seem to be the case. Instead Moore is looking fantastic and having a great time with Friday, despite the almost quarter of a century age difference.

Moore was also married to Bruce Willis and the couple divorced in 1998 after he slept with a waitress. At that time fans everywhere was wondering what Willis was thinking. Why would anyone cheat on sexy Demi Moore in the first place? Either way, Demi Moore continues to rock the cradle as she continues to date 27-year-old, Friday who is the drummer for the new hot rock band, Dead Sara.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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  1. sheik yer'mami   May 16, 2014 at 10:14 pm

    Good heavens, it must have taken days to photoshop the old hack to make her look like a wax figurine in Madame Tussaud’s cabinet.


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