Deryck Whibley of Sum 41 Recovers From Near Death Due to Heavy Drinking

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Deryck Whibley

The lead singer and rhythm guitarist Deryck Whibley from the Canadian band Sum 41, and ex-husband to singer Avril Lavigne hit rock bottom from his excessive drinking. The rocker found himself in the hospital for a month long stay after collapsing at his home. Whibley had a long history of excessive alcohol drinking on and off the road. Deryck Whibley wrote on his personal blog that he wasn’t feeling his best for a few weeks preceding his collapse and hospital stay. After pouring himself a drink and preparing to watch a movie, the singer was found by his fiancée on the floor in his home.

Deryck Whibley was sedated and stuck with needles and IV’s for a week in intensive care while being monitored by the hospital staff. The rocker woke up the day after he was admitted surrounded by family, and was told both his liver and kidney’s had collapsed. Whibley claims he was scared straight the minute the doctors told him about his condition. The doctors informed Whibley that he would die if he ever had another drink. Deryck Whibley encouraged his fans in his blog to drink responsibly because he was living proof of the damage heavy drinking can do if abused.

Whibley’s band Sum 41 originally formed in 1996 in Ajax, Ontario, Canada. The four member band released their debut album All Killer, No Filler in 2001 through the label Island Records. The single Fat Lip hit number one on the Billboard Modern Rock Tracks chart. Deryck Whibley and his band were nominated for a Grammy for Best Hard Rock/Metal Performance for Blood In My Eyes in 2011. Whibley claims his near death experience has inspired him to start writing music again. He plans to start working on a new album with his band Sum 41 and touring.

Deryck Whibley’s ex-wife solo singer Avril Lavigne commented on Twitter about the Sum 41 rockers near death experience, saying she spoke to him and was proud of him for dealing with his heavy drinking. Although Whibley is now engaged, and Lavigne is married to Nickelback’s Chad Kroeger the two remain close and supportive of each other. Lavigne commented that she wished him the best and called him family. The marriage lasted three years, from 2006 to 2009. Lavigne was 21-years-old when the couple wed. Thankfully,

Deryck Whibley will recover from his near death experience, but the heavy drinking or any alcohol drinking will no longer be a part of his life. The Sum 41 rocker was seen leaving the hospital after his month long stay looking very frail. A long road of recuperation is ahead for the singer. Whibley has a strong support team with his mother, stepfather and fiancée by his side. Whibley and his band are known for very long worldwide tours that last more than a year. Time will tell when Whibley will be well enough to endure such a grueling schedule, but until then the rocker can work on his music. Whibley claims he has three or more songs that he is working on and a few more ideas for the next album.

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