Nasal Spray Proven as Source of Medical Treatment for the Brain?

Nasal spray

Nasal spray is a proven source for medical treatment of the human brain. As agreed by many researchers, brain diseases require heavy volumes of drugs whereas this can be avoided by providing a nasal spray for chronic and short-term brain diseases as it is substituted for drugs and considered for medical treatment. Researchers have already proven this to be true and confirmed the fact that the nasal wall works faster in providing a cure to the patient.

As many questions arise as to how a nasal spray can be a good source of medical treatment for brain, Massimiliano Di Cagno, Assistant Professor in University of Southern Denmark said that a drug transported through the nasal wall can bring quick and positive results for brain disease patients. As of now, there is a heavy usage of drugs, injections and other therapies that are actually paving the way for side effects that can be just as dangerous to the patient as their original condition.

The turning of attention to the nose for a brain cure is a new concept due to the lack of previous experiments. However now, after the researchers have declared the results, nasal spray is a confirmed medical accessory to be used as a substitute. It replaces a patient’s oral medication. The brain receives its signals very fast and carries out every procedure without fail. This is similar to the inhale and exhale procedure of nose. Every term of action transposed to and from the brain completing one task at a time. This interconnection can mean a lot of significance to state the fact that nasal spray can be used as a very reliable source to deport medicine to the brain. On the other hand, wide and lengthy prescriptions and the heavy dosage of pills are actually slowing down the system of recovery.

If a comparative study or review is made between drugs and nasal spray, the latter works very quickly and produces results with high-efficiency when the drug is delivered to the brain via nasal spray. In this process, polymers take the initiative to transport the drugs to the brain. There are four varieties of polymers: natural, synthetic, simple and complex. The brain is a very delicate and sensitive area although it is considered as a powerful junction of a body to transmit messages of dos and don’ts. There are many cases of schizophrenia, depression, addiction and several other minor and major ailments that are treated under the category of long-term and short-term brain diseases.

There is a definite requirement of an easy and guaranteed treatment method to find relief quickly as long-term use of drugs leave a scope for many negative effects on health. So those who are overburdened with daily intake of medicines can now rely upon nasal spray as it is a proven and now one of the preferred sources for medical treatment of brain diseases. This new discovery by researchers will help the entire world to take up this new method and measure its success. As of now, nasal spray is mostly used as a popular remedy for cough, cold and for stress-relief. This is once again subject to the interests of patients and doctors.

Opinion by Arundhathi Enamela

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