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Raise your hand if you want to build a snowman! Disney just announced that Frozen will be going on an arena tour around the U.S. later this year. The live production of the wildly popular movie Frozen will start at Disney in Orlando and then continue on to visit multiple cities.

Feld Entertainment will produce the show and this will be the first time audiences will see sisters, Anna and Elsa, in a live production. The plot of the show will follow the movie and will be set in the magical Kingdom of Arendelle. The special effects for the show will be nothing short of amazing. The stage will be made of a giant six-sided snowflake and 20 snow machines will generate the blinding blizzards created by Elsa. Behind the stage, large projection panels will recreate a backdrop of large snowy mountains as the performers skate around on ice.

The Frozen show will also feature live performances of all the popular songs, including, Let It Go. There will also be six different versions of the show. The director of the show, Patty Vincent, says that they hope to create a show that audiences can sing along throughout the entire night and cheer with the characters. The show will largely feature Elsa and Anna.

Frozen takes place in the magical Kingdom of Arendelle and follows the story of two sisters, who are also princesses, Anna and Elsa. In classic Disney storytelling, their parents die in an accident, leaving the two girls to navigate life alone. The story is about the transforming power of love and the crippling power of fear. The lovable characters, like the silly snowman Olaf, and the prince, castles, and wonderful songs have really connected with fans.

Disney says the Frozen arena tour will begin later in 2014 and continue on into 2015. The tour will be hosted by Minnie and Mickey Mouse, and feature guest appearances by other famous Disney characters, from Finding Nemo, Toy Story, and The Lion King. The Frozen arena tour will start in Orlando and then continue on cities such as Baltimore, Atlanta, Tampa, New Jersey, and Newark. There will be several performances held in November at the Barclays Center in New York. There will also be nine shows that will travel overseas.

The tour is sure to be a success, as audiences can’t seem to get enough of Frozen. The movie has already become the highest grossing animated movie of all time. Frozen has pulled in more than $1.19 billion in global sales, and is on track to be the fifth highest grossing movie of all time. Not only that, but Frozen has also become the highest selling Blu-ray and digital release for Disney. The show has won two Oscars and many of the songs were at the top of the charts for over 13 weeks.

Not only is Disney creating an arena tour for Frozen, but there may also be a sequel as early as 2018. Barton Crockett, who covers all things Disney, says that Frozen was a grand slam at the movies and we have only seen the beginning of Frozen possibilities.

By Sara Petersen

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