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Donald Sterling Ex-Girlfriend Investigated for Alleged Extortion


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Vivian Stiviano is under investigation of the extortion of Clipper’s owner Donald Sterling. Allegations are being made of threats to the disgraced team owner that she would only keep her silence on additional recordings, which allegedly portrayed Sterling’s racism towards African-Americans, if he provided her with monetary gain.

Stiviano, 31, has allegedly demanded money from Sterling in exchange for her secrecy. The self-proclaimed artist, writer, chef, poet, stylist and philanthropist has claimed that she is in possession of over 100 hours of secret audio recordings that give evidence to Sterling making racist comments in addition to the incident that resulted in the Clipper’s owner being banned for life from the NBA.

Sterling was recently reported to have made the statement “I wish I had just paid her off” in response to the original incriminating audio being leaked to the public.

The aforementioned audio clip in question brought about Sterling’s extradition from the NBA and shaming from the general public. In the recording, Sterling was heard to be berating Stiviano for her recent Instagram photo with basketball megastar Magic Johnson, expressing his discontent with her being photographed amongst who he labels “those people.” In the recording, Sterling is also noted to be informing Stiviano that he was under the impression that she would “remove” her mixed ethnicity, which is Latina and African American. In a confirmed phone call that was initiated by Stiviano, she was asked by Sterling how the two of them could work together to make the distasteful scandal disappear quickly, in order for it to not result in further injury of both their reputations.

Sterling has since alleged that the remarks in question were only made in order to advance his physical relationship with Stiviano. The Clipper’s owner backed out of scheduled appearances with popular news anchors Barbara Walters and Anderson Cooper, stating that he did not feel he was prepared enough.

Since the scandal, Stiviano has been spotted in highly frequented areas of Hollywood wearing what has become her signature visor, which she dons in an alleged attempt to conceal her pain surrounding the incident. She has also stated that, in her opinion, Sterling is not a racist.

Sterling has maintained that he will not release ownership of the basketball team, regardless of any monetary value being offered to him. His estranged wife, Shelly Sterling, has stated that she does not want to be put in charge of the Clippers. However, she has every intention of collecting her dues in terms of what amount of the basketball team’s profits belong to her, an amount that estimates to be 50 percent, given the current marital status between Sterling and herself.

The extortion investigation also includes allegations that Viviano made recordings of Sterling’s commentary without his prior knowledge, an action that is illegal in the state of California. All participants in the recordings must be informed of such prior to the event, otherwise it is considered an infringement of personal rights and can be prosecuted in a court of law.

Lawyers acting on behalf of Viviano have chosen to provide no comment on the investigation, nor the alleged extortion of Donald Sterling by his ex-girlfriend.

By Rebecca Grace

New York Daily News
USA Today