Power Rangers Back Again: Does Anyone Really Care?

Power Rangers

It was announced Wednesday that the Power Rangers will be returning to the big screen after their failed movie two decades ago, but the question is, “does anyone really care?” “It’s Morphin Time!” is either about to get a whole new audience of devoted followers or be forever recognized as another epic failure.

The American remake of the series Super Sentai from Japan was a huge success in the early ’90s, chronicling the adventures of five teenage martial arts superheroes who were called upon daily to save the world with the help of their mentor, Zordon, and his sidekick, Alpha 5. Lionsgate Entertainment and Saban Entertainment will be joining forces to create the reboot of the blockbuster television show. Saban Entertainment feels that the makers of Twilight, The Hunger Games, and Divergent are the perfect combination to bring the Power Rangers back to life in the 21st century. As for devoted fans that remember the show, some might be saying “Go, go Power Rangers,” while other are saying “No, no Power Rangers.”

There are times when sleeping dogs should just be left alone, and this could quite possibly be one of those time. Although Lionsgate has done amazing work with the movies they have been putting out in recent years, sometimes certain movies just should never be made. Looking back on the Power Rangers show and previous movie there are so many things that were just wrong: bad dialogue, crude graphics, horrible acting, and the list can definitely continue.

Even with that said, in the early ’90s it was the best thing on television. But with one failed movie already, the hoard of faithful fans may not be as willing to go see something that could potentially be another disaster. For fans the Power Rangers were good at the time, but does that mean they really care about another movie? Just imagine the bright nylon costumes, weird mechanical movement, and (once again) terrible dialogue.

Now on the other hand, Lionsgate’s Power Rangers have the possibility of being amazing. Lionsgate has done some wonderful things in the film world, and just the array of cinematic advancements since previous Power Rangers attempts could propel them into not just a movie, but an event. Think Pacific Rim meets The Avengers meets Kick-Ass meets Abduction.Well maybe not The Avengers, but the point is made.

Good or bad, the Power Rangers already have a fan base that movie executives can feed off while working to snag a new generation of followers. With action films like The Hunger Games, Kick-Ass, Crank, and the Punisher already under their belt  Lionsgate has a fighting chance, but it will not be easy. First they will have to get past the failed 1997 movie version of the show. But with a good script, director, and overall solid actors Lionsgate, Saban, and the Power Rangers could win tremendous respect.

Unfortunately right now there is no further information available in regard to the new film project, with the exception that it is a work in progress and that it will be based on the original version of the show, not the current Power Rangers Megaforce. However, in this age of remakes the Power Rangers are in very good company, but also very steep competition. Movies such as Transformers, G.I. Joe, X-Men, Spider Man, and even Alvin and the Chipmunks have left lasting impressions on the new generation of movie-goers.

Does anyone really care about the Power Rangers being back again? Only time will tell. Like all movies it has the potential to be either extremely successful or a major failure. 1997 was not the year for the Power Rangers on the big screen. Hopefully the 21st century will be better.

Opinion By Virginia Snowden


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  1. Matt Robert McKenzie   August 26, 2014 at 9:27 am

    Power Rangers never really left dude. It’s been going for as of this post 21 Seasons with Super Megaforce and one of the things fans EXPECT from the show is the over-the-top cheeseball, simplistic storylines, the kung fu and giant robots! In its own artistic way, the overt simplicity of it is in fact quite endearing otherwise it would not have survived 2+ decades. Yes the movies are bad, but people STILL talk about them to this day, including yourself, and if you go to people on the street who remember it, they still say “it was okay.”

    I myself recently hosted a Power Rangers panel at ConBravo, which is a relatively small con. The panel seated about 150 people, and at midnight, the dead of night, we STILL managed to seat just over 100 people, only a quarter of whom knew ANYTHING about the show past Mighty Morphin’ whilst the rest like yourself didn’t follow it past. It was a ton of fun too.

    So to say that Power Rangers should be left well enough alone? It never really left, and only has just stepped back into the spotlight of geek chic with the 20th Anniversary last year. So take this from a long time fan:

    WE KNOW THE NEW MOVIE IS GOING TO SUCK! We are going to see it anyways. If it turns out to be amazing? BONUS! But our expectations are so low, they are more underground than my grandmother, and she’s been dead for nearly 15 years.


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