Ellen DeGeneres Makes Halle Berry Run off Stage and Talk Breastfeeding [Video]

Ellen DeGeneresHalle Berry appeared on the Ellen show Tuesday and actually ran off the stage right in the middle of filming. It is no surprise to viewers that Ellen is known for pranks and scaring guests and strangers. Berry had fallen once before to Ellen’s scary prank when the actress screamed in fear when a man dressed up as a spider crept up behind the X-Men:Days of Future Past star and scared the living daylights out of the actress. All this while Ellen engaged Berry in a conversation of black widow spiders and the thought of reincarnating as one back in 2012.

When Ellen began to tease Berry that the Monster’s Ball star may be in for another scare during this visit, Berry scolded DeGeneres saying that you are not allowed to that to someone twice. Ellen was her nonchalant self which caused Berry to take things into her own hands. Suddenly, without warning, Berry jumped up and ran of the stage, disappearing off camera, only to have Ellen chase after Berry and bring the 47-year-old sex symbol back on set while holding Berry’s hand. “I was kidding,” DeGeneres said to Berry, “I shouldn’t have done that.”

Berry looked gorgeous as ever, wearing a flowing printed frock like dress. After running off Ellen DeGeneres’s stage, the interview took a turn where the usually very private Berry began to talk openly about the Catwoman stars children and breastfeeding. Berry begins saying that the fact that she had another child at her age was a miracle on its own. “I didn’t think it was possible at my age,” Berry said, “honestly, they call it geriatric pregnancy.” Watching Berry and then hearing the term “geriatrics” certainly does not go hand in hand. Berry opened up that her daughter Nahla had been praying for a baby for over a year now and that it was Nahla’s prayers that manifested it all. “This is probably way TMI but I was already kind of pre-menopausal.” Berry told DeGeneres. “To have this happen, only prayers could have done this.” Berry was referring to her daughters prayers.

The candidness did not stop there. The audience exploded into laughter when Berry explained the difference between the breastfeeding of both children. That Nahla, now 6, was very gentle when feeding and how Maceo, her newborn son, would more of attack and suck. “There is a difference between boys and girls.” Berry said, “When I put Nahla on the boob she would go [gentle sucking] – A nice little girly suck.” Berry continued that “With him it’s like [aggresive suck]. He’s like sucking the life out of me!” said Berry, “So I see the difference between boys and girls.”

The laughter just continued when Ellen responded, “That was TMI in my opinion.” Overall the interview was hilarious and the video is a must see for a good chuckle.

Berry had said, “I was brave to come back here.” after talking about the first time Berry was scared on the Ellen show. Halle Berry running off Ellen DeGeneres stage was a fun surprise but having the X-Men star open up about her children and talk breastfeeding was a pleasant surprise. Maybe Berry is loosening up with age and motherhood.

By Derik L. Bradshaw


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