Facebook Announces Anonymous Login


Facebook offers a solution to those who are wary of using their login information for certain third-party sites and applications. The social media network’s new anonymous login application will allow users to gain access to some website without having to disclose any personal information. The announcement was made on Wednesday in San Francisco during Facebook’s developer’s conference, F8.

For some time now users have had the ability to loginto a large number of websites with their Facebook login information. This technological ability is definitely a double edged sword in terms of privacy and information disclosure. For people who decide to use this function to create an account on another website, it makes it that much easier them to login quickly with one touch of a button without the need to remember another ┬ánew password or new login name. However, by using this function people open themselves to those third-party sites whether they know it or not. Upon using the “blue button” alternate login route their personal information and anything else on their social network wall will be visible to that third-party site or application. In these uncertain times where the internet is one of the main sources of identity theft, users need another tool for the sake of keeping their personal information, and by extension themselves, safe from the wrong people. Facebook addressed this issue with anonymous login, a new application that hides user’s personal information from sites and allows them to surf freely with a little less worry. The anonymous login application only works on a few select number of websites for the time being. More sites will be added in later updates.

The application also allows users to the option to login to a site or other another program while still using their Facebook info, but they are allowed to pick the items that particular site is able to see and which items will not be visible. For example they could leave their friends list visible, but make their birthday go unseen by the website or other applications. However, Facebook will still know what third-party site the user visits, and what apps are in use. Users will be anonymous to certain site on the internet and certain applications, but they will not be anonymous to Facebook. The program is sure to cause some dislike from some of the sites that depend on user numbers and statistics.

Facebook also put out a new version of their mobile advertising network. The new protocol will allow application developers to have an easier time using advertisement software that is made for mobile devices, and it will simplify the process for the developers to partner with companies to create a more tailored advertising experience.

The new anonymous login feature is definitely a welcome change for users to take advantage of. Keeping a safe identity online is more important than ever and it seems like Facebook is aware of the dangers, and has taken the necessary precautions to protect their users and their information. Facebook may still have a lot of things to fix, such as their news feed content selection and a number of other things, but keeping user information safe is certainly a great place to start.

By Mike White

CNN Money
Island Packet

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