Floyd Mayweather and T.I. Harris Engage in Physical Brawl [Video]

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Mayweather and Harris upset restaurant while getting physicalRapper and Reality TV personality T.I. Harris and the undefeated five-division world boxing champion Floyd Mayweather, Jr. engaged in a physical brawl at a Fatburger restaurant in Las Vegas. Mayweather may not have expected to trade punches while at the restaurant but reports say Harris approached him, they exchanged words and the two started swinging.

While several scenarios have crossed the media as to what actually happened every report states Harris’s wife, Tameka “Tiny” Harris, was the topic of discussion. Tameka and her best friend and hairstylist, Shekinah Jo, were in Las Vegas to celebrate the Memorial Day weekend and to attend the birthday celebration of Mayweather’s 14-year-old daughter Iyanna. Tiny posted several pictures to Instagram; one with Mayweather’s daughter which included the caption “Had to come celebrate with my new boo @moneyyaya Happy Birthday bae.”

Harris became suspicious that Mayweather was getting too close to his wife and was border lining being disrespectful. The rapper decided to confront the boxer and before long chairs were flying across the room. As Harris was addressing the champ reports say Mayweather told Harris to control his b****h and instantly T.I. got angry and took a swing.

Before the Las Vegas police arrived to the burger joint Harris and his entourage had already left the scene, as had Mayweather. According to law enforcement a worker of the restaurant got injured during the altercation but did not want any treatment and was not willing to offer any information.

The altercation, however, was caught on camera. In the video Harris and Mayweather can be heard yelling at one Floyd Mayweather and Rapper T.I. Harris Engage in Physical Brawl another in what seems to escalate quickly to an outright brawl. Chairs were flying and a host of profanities were being thrown back and forth. Bodyguards for Harris and Mayweather stopped the fight before it could escalate further.

Reports say Mayweather was shocked and upset that Harris would think he would do anything inappropriate to or with his wife. The renowned fighter says he thought they were are all friends and Harris should know that he would never be romantically associated with Tiny. Although she was not around when the fight took place, Mayweather said Tiny chose to hang out with him. He is angry that Harris would falsely accuse of him and feels T.I. was way out of line addressing him in such a manner.

Harris has yet to speak out about the incident but Mayweather did not hesitate to state his case. The champion fighter said he knew Tiny before Harris and has never touched her inappropriately. Tiny and her friend Shekinah came to his fight; the next day Mayweather’s mother had a big party for him and they came to the party at his mom’s house. It was all cool, they came and showed love but it was all respectful.

Mayweather went on to say he is not going to sleep with a married woman. Even if Tiny was divorced he would not have sex with her because they are good friends and sometimes sex can mess that up. He is not trying to destroy the cool and cordial relationship they have.

Neither man can seem to keep out of trouble: Mayweather served time for beating up his ex-girlfriend in 201 while Harris nearly got into it with the LAPD over a misunderstanding, not to mention his many other legal issues, some of which involved jail time. Many are hoping these two can squash their beef quickly and get on with life.

The undefeated world boxing champion, Floyd Mayweather and the famed Rapper and Reality TV personality T.I. Harris engaged in a physical brawl at a Fatburger in Las Vegas. Reports say Harris approached Mayweather while he was eating and not long after these two celebrity personalities started swinging.

WARNING!  Video Contains Explicit Language

By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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