Frozen Number Five Worldwide and Number One for Parody’s [Video]


FrozenOfficially, Frozen is number five worldwide when it comes to the money, and unofficially number one when it comes to fun, funny, and downright talented remakes of the hit song ‘Let it go’. Making over 6 million dollars in the Japanese market alone is top honor for the film maker, but for the fans there are hundreds of engaging videos out there that can entertain a person for hours. Many of these video’s are of super cute kids singing and dancing along to the hit song, however one seems to stand out from the rest. A 22-year-old young man has taken the blockbuster films mega hit to a new level, but still keeps it in the Disney family.

With almost seven million views, a vocal performer from Dallas Baptist University created one of the most successful parodies on YouTube. Using the voices of 21 different Disney and Pixar characters, Bill Hull brings new life to the mega hit. He re-creates characters from such iconic movies as, The Lion King and Pirates of the Caribbean. His impersonation of Micky, Goofy and the rest of the gang is spot on, and engages the viewer from the first note. The voices are fantastic and makes those watching, look closely to see if this is a bit of trickery. It is however, all Hull and his viral video and fantastic voices have been noticed by Disney. It seems that  Disney Studios have contacted this talented young man and have asked him to come in and audition for voice work. Hull did not even post the video originally as he felt some of the voices needed more work, fans however, disagreed and the video went viral within 24 hours. (below) This kind-hearted, talented young man has a strong relationship with the Lord and while studying is important, he states he just wants to make people smile and be happy.


Frozen has been so popular and with  ‘Let it go’ winning an Oscar for best original song, the movie making giant is taking the show on the road. Disney on Ice will be rolling out their version of Frozen starting in September and includes a cast of 39 people. Go big or go home seems to be the motto that will describe this production. Twenty snow machines are expected to put the audience smack in the middle of a blizzard with the actors, and it will take nine semi’s to haul around the sets and machines from city to city. The soundtrack from this mega hit has sold over two million copies, so it is no wonder that young and old alike will get their Frozen fix however they can, and Bill Hull is getting his fair share of attention for his completely original and innovative take on the song.

So what else can the fans expect from Disney when it comes to Frozen?  How about Apps, and a Broadway show? Disney is expected to take full advantage of the popularity of this movie over the next 5 years. Sitting at number five worldwide and number one for parodies it is a safe bet that everything will sell, no matter what it is. For now, they can take advantage of the talent that the show has brought through YouTube. (below)

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