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Star Wars

Disney has just named Godzilla director Gareth Edwards to head up the first Star Wars spin-off movie. From the first time Edwards saw the Lucasfilm space epic, the future director wanted only to join the Rebel Alliance and head off on his own adventure. Now the question of which character the spin-off movie will focus on.

The story of the Yoda, pre Star Wars: The Phantom Menace or after Revenge of the Sith as the Jedi Master heads into exile on the planet Dagobah is one of many possibilities. Documenting the adventures of a young Han Solo is also a likely chance. The fan choice seems to gravitate towards the bounty hunter Boba Fett. First introduced in The Empire Strikes Back, Fett became a very popular character who came to a very unceremonious end at the beginning of The Return of the Jedi.

The popularity of Boba Fett was strong with the force. So strong, using CGI, Fett was included in a new scene added to the Star Wars: A New Hope Special Edition. When the prequel movies hit theaters, movie goers were given a view into the origin of Boba Fett and his father, Jango Fett. The popularity continued off of the silver screen into the animated Star Wars: The Clone Wars series. Fans want more of the bounty hunter and the spin off movies will allow for that.

Coming of the early success of Godzilla, Edwards could find the transition from the lizard to the Star Wars universe a daunting task. The giant lizard has received criticism from Japanese fans of the original 1950s monster over the proportions of the beast. If Edwards does not do his Star Wars spin-off justice, the full force of the dark side may fall upon the director quickly.

With the new trilogy coming in 2016, the first of the spin-off movies is already set to be released in December of the same year. Making a stand alone movie of the popular bounty hunter in the same time frame of the new trilogy a good possibility. There is a chance that Boba Fett could be resurrected from the Sarlacc Pit where moviegoers last saw the bounty hunter. A trilogy of novels, The Bounty Hunter Wars, follows the notorious Fett after escaping the Sarlac monster.

The stand alone films were first announced in February 2013. The films are intended to focus on characters that will not be a main focus in the main trilogy saga. This would bode well for a Boba Fett movie. The bounty hunter has no ties with the Empire or Rebel Alliance and is not affiliated with the Sith or Jedi. No ties other than a hatred towards the Jedi for what they did to Jango in the prequel trilogy. Fett will go where the money is, so an adventure could lightly tie in with the main trilogy without altering the continuing storyline.

Two more movies in the Godzilla franchise are slated from Edwards along with the Star Wars spin-off. Screenwriter Gary Whitta is slated to write the stand alone script for the stand alone movie. Whitta is known for The Book of Eli and as a co-writer for After Earth. It would be smart for Disney to focus only on Boba Fett for the first movie. Fans may hold their own rebellion if the first spin-off is focused on Jar Jar Binks or the Ewoks.

By Carl Auer

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