Godzilla Has Monstrous Opening Weekend [Video]


The king of the monsters, Godzilla, crushed the competition and had a massive opening weekend at the box office. The first of a reboot of the franchise, the film brought in $93.2 million during its first few days available at domestic movie theaters. Expectations were trumped by around $23 million, and helped the film break a record by becoming the largest opening of all time for a monster movie.

On Friday, Godzilla started strong, with figures of $38.5 million. With that feat, the movie managed to break the record for the best single day ticket sales of 2014. Although it fell just slightly short of beating the record for best weekend sales of the year (that record is currently held by Captain America: The Winter Solider, which opened at around $95 million in April), the roar of excitement for the Japanese film legend was still heard loudly. With the overseas market adding another $103 million to the already huge pot, Godzilla has already managed to recoup the rumored $160 million it took to film. Reagen Sulewski, an analyst for Box Office Prophets, says that the success of the film so early on can be chalked up to great reviews given by critics. The name Godzilla alone was only a piece of the pie. “The Godzilla name is not one associated with high-quality films,” he revealed. “Especially with the memory of Godzilla ’98.” He was referring to the successful, yet critically damned version of the movie starring Matthew Broderick. It brought in around $138 million, but it was never a fan favorite.

Although Godzilla was clearly a monster smash its opening weekend at the box office, other movies managed to fare quite well in their own right. The comedy Neighbors, starring Zac Efron and Seth Rogen, came in at the number 2 position, adding another $26 million to its bank. As for now, its total is around $91.5 million. The sequel to The Amazing Spider-Man also did fairly well, coming in at number 3 with $16.8 million. Overall, the current count for domestic and international ticket sales for the sequel starring Andrew Garfield is at around $633 million.

Closing out the top five was the Disney movie, Million Dollar Arm. Based off of true events and starring Mad Men lead Jon Hamm, the movie brought in a little over $10 million, sending it to fourth place. Disney provided quite a bit of support for the movie, but it went up against some very stiff and stern competition. The Other Woman, starring Cameron Diaz and Leslie Mann, as two women who plot against a man who both characters are involved with, came in at number five with a bit over $6 million. The overall total for the domestic sales are now at a respectable $71.6 million.

An interesting mention must be given to Captain America: The Winter Soldier. Even though it only brought in around $3.8 million over the weekend, it has amassed a huge fortune since opening up at the beginning of April. Nearly two months later, it has passed the $700 million mark worldwide. Although Godzilla has had a monstrous opening weekend, it is still too soon to tell whether or not it can reach the same heroic proportions.

By Jonathan Brown


USA Today
Entertainment Weekly

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