Sherri Shepherd Divorce Drama Gets Real

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Trying hard to keep a smile on her face for the cameras of her daytime talk show The View, television personality Sherri Shepherd is in the throes of real divorce drama. Shepherd’s estranged husband and ex-husband are bringing to light real allegations that gets things all the more complicated and embarrassing for the star.

According to reports, Sherri Shepherd’s current husband is not the only one making inflammatory remarks about the television star. It appears that Shepherd’s former husband Jeff Tarpley is now exposing the daytime chatter box’s mothering skills. According to court documents filed last month in Los Angeles, Tarpley is seeking full custody of the couple’s nine-year-old son Jeffrey jr. Having been divorced since 2011, Jeff Tarpley claims in court documents that due to Shepherd’s busy schedule as a television host and touring stand-up comedienne, little Jeffrey, who has special needs, has been suffering from neglect, is falling behind in school, suffers poor hygiene, and is reading below grade level. Tarpley accuses Shepherd of leaving the minor in the care of “unfit nannies” while the star works seven days a week. The father also says the boy wears velcro shoes because the nine-year-old has not learned how to tie his own shoes. Sherri Shepherd is countering Tarpley’s claims calling her ex-husband an absentee father and not capable of raising their son. A hearing has been set for July 21 to address Jeff Tarpley’s claims.

If these allegations are found to be valid, it could prove real damaging for Sherri Shepherd as her current husband Lamar Sally moves towards legal separation  from the busy working mother. In his court papers, Sally is seeking full custody of the couple’s unborn child due this summer via surrogate with “reasonable” visitation offered to Shepherd. If the drama as outlined by Tarpley is proven to be fact, Sally gets motion for full custody of the infant in family law and could be entitled to spousal and child support and a significant cut of the star’s reported $10 million net worth. Beating Sally to the punch, Shepherd topped her estranged husbands motion for separation with her own filing for actual divorce.

According to newly revealed court papers, Lamar Sally has outlined very explicit expectations to be adhered to during their marriage. According to documents obtained by the media, Sally was allegedly seeking to implement amendments to the couple’s prenuptial agreement that would include a “fat” clause forbidding Shepherd to gain excessive weight during their marriage as well as a stipulation to ensure that Shepherd “submit” to her husband as a way of honoring God. According to reports, Sherri Shepherd refused to sign any such proposed amendment to their prenup. As more light continues to be shed on this issue, it has been revealed by sources that Shepherd suspected Sally of having an extra-marital affair.

Since the bombshell news of Sherri Shepherd’s divorce drama, the star has been ever so silent about sharing her problems at the round table of The View. The unflattering news swirled in the midst of  The View creator and television icon Barbara Walters making her grand exit from the airwaves. Insiders at The View say that Shepherd has been getting moral support behind the scenes from her co-workers and in spite of going through a real personal crisis, Shepherd did not want to have her bad news trump the celebratory vibe of her television boss’s retirement.

By Hal Banfield

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  1. V Gliatti   July 8, 2014 at 11:27 am

    Hang tough girl. The truth will set you free. Those that believe in you will continue to do so and those that didn’t before, well life isn’t about pleasing everyone.

  2. Thomas Williams   June 23, 2014 at 9:40 am

    June 23,2014 at 12:17pm I think it is so awful that a man could be so low down and dirty my wife always felt like it was something not so right about him.We never met Sheri ,I think she’s a good parent two her son she speaks about him alot .People can be so cruel even family me and my wife are facing homeless problems and financial set backs two different situation but we can relate because its a feel of emptyness but one thing for sure at least she have some support me and my wife don’t have. Our son is staying some where else he’s home from college and it is the worst feeling to be without your child he always support us throw everything and sheri your son will do the same boys always love there mom’s god bless u and your son.

  3. Thomas Williams   June 23, 2014 at 9:19 am

    June 23,2014 at 12:17pm


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