Timothy Lambesis Given Six Years for Attempted Planned Murder

Timothy Lambesis, lead singer of the popular American metal band As I Lay Dying, has been given six years for the attempted planned murder of his wife, Meggan Murphy. The 33 year-old reportedly hired an undercover sheriff’s detective to kill the woman.

Lambesis married Murphy in 2004. They have two children together, a boy and two girls all adopted from Ethiopia.

The metal singer grew up as a devout Christian, a fact that he never made any attempt to hide during his life. After graduating from a San Diego Christian High School, where he was reportedly voted “Most Like Jesus,” he went on to major in Religious Studies at a primarily online religious university. He stated on multiple occasions that he felt it was his duty to integrate his teachings of Jesus into the lyrics of the band’s songs, in order to continue to deliver the message of faith so as many as he could.

So what caused the incident that led to Timothy Lambesis being given six years for the attempted planned murder of his wife? Beginning in 2012, the singer’s previously unwavering faith slowly began to falter. He started to become less sure of what was and was not true in terms of a higher being. In a post on the entertainer’s Tumblr page, he attributed much of this change to his aforementioned theology studies, stating that it had become very hard for him to separate fact from fiction, culminating in the result that he no longer felt that the God he grew up with was really there with him anymore.

That same summer, Murphy received a letter from her husband in which he claimed to no longer love her, as well as no longer believed in God. He also stated that he had engaged in extramarital activities. The letter in question lead to their separation.

Lambesis’s internal struggles reportedly caused a spike in his obsession with bodybuilding (the singer has his own YouTube channel regarding it), resulting in alleged abuse of steroids. Murphy became concerned that her estranged husband was losing capability of taking care of their three children, stating that not only had the singer had fallen asleep on occasion, but he was also recklessly hemorrhaging money on tattoos and last-minute expenditures to visit the woman he had engaged in said extramarital activity with. This concerns led to the As I Lay Dying frontman only having restricted visits with his children. It was then that Lambesis decided to attempt deadly action against Murphy.

After approaching a man in a gym and requesting information on anyone the man knew who would kill his wife, the singer met with an undercover officer and provided him not only with $1000 upfront (the amount agreed upon for the hit was $20,000) but also his wife’s picture and address with instructions on how to bypass the home’s security system. When asked directly if the murder of his wife was exactly what he wanted, the singer confirmed this fact and provided the undercover officer with a date to carry out the event.

After a lengthy court process in which Lambesis pled not guilty twice before ultimately changing his plea to guilty, the singer was charged with felony solicitation of murder. His lawyer, however, did do his best to convince the judge that the man’s actions were not made out of a pure desire to kill his wife, but rather the result of what he called a terribly altered thought process due to the aforementioned abuse of steroids.

Ultimately, Timothy Lambesis was given six years for the attempted planned murder of his wife. He does, however, get credit for time served of 48 days.

by Rebecca Grace

USA Today
Huffington Post

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