Gwyneth Paltrow Goes Too Far by Comparing Herself to Soldiers


Gwyneth Paltrow is a pro when it comes to making people mad, and the outspoken actress definitely went too far this this time by making comments which compared herself to soldiers who have to endure war. Paltrow made an appearance at the Re/Code Conference in Los Angeles and opened up about what it’s like to be bullied by Internet trolls.

Paltrow told the audience that even though celebrities have lots of money and their lives seem great, that might not always be the case. The actress talked about how hard it is to constantly have stones thrown at her. However, she admits that is because she is annoying. The actress says that it is a dehumanizing experience to have nasty comments and criticism thrown at her daily.

However, Gwyneth Paltrow goes way too far when she begins to compare the problems she has as a rich celebrity, to that of the actual soldiers who are fighting in a war. Paltrow says that when she reads the comments on the Internet about herself and her celebrity friends, it is like a like fighting a bloody war and it is very dehumanizing for them.

Paltrow also says that it is part of human nature to give other people a hard time. The actress makes another war reference, saying it is like a soldier in a field that sticks his head up above the poppies and then, gets his head chopped off by the enemy. Paltrow says it’s normal human nature to do that to others.

People are understandably exasperated at the actress for making yet another insensitive comment. The actress has been accused of not being grounded in reality or even understanding what normal people go through. Paltrow also made many mothers upset when she claimed it was much harder for her to work as an actress, than it was for normal moms to work a nine to five job.

Many women were enraged that Paltrow claimed her life was harder than mothers who have to live paycheck to paycheck, or have to work in order to provide just the basic necessities for their children. Since Paltrow can afford nannies, and has the luxury to take time off work, many people thought it was unfair.

After many mothers became vocal about Paltrow’s insensitive comments, the actress commented on her website that she was perplexed and amazed at how little support women give each other. Paltrow did not officially apologize, but said she was defending herself and her truth, and wanted to end the mommy wars.

Because of her recent comments, Paltrow now has another famous mom upset with her. Cindy McCain, wife of Senator John McCain, has two sons that are soldiers, and she tweeted her disapproval of the actress. McCain tweeted that Paltrow was a joke and should not be comparing her petty problems to that of a soldier on the battlefield. McCain goes on to say that Paltrow should go out on duty with some actual soldiers, but realized that maybe that wouldn’t work, since Paltrow might think it was like a red carpet.

Understandably, many people feel that Gwyneth Paltrow has gone way too far with her latest comments, saying that her problems as a celebrity are the same as a soldier serving in the war. Paltrow feels that Internet trolls are constantly bulling her and her famous friends, and claims it is a real problem.

Opinion By Sara Petersen

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