Handpresso Wild Hybrid Portable Espresso Machine Review and Giveaway

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Handpress Wild Hybrid Portable Espresso Machine Review and Giveaway
UPDATE: The Handpresso Giveaway has officially ended, and the winner, chosen at random out of a hat, is Amanda Whiltey! Congratulations, Amanda!

Espresso is fast becoming a popular way for Americans to drink their coffee, and espresso machines range the gamut from inexpensive, like the Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine, made in France, which you can win here, to ones that cost over a thousand dollars and are technological marvels. Read on to learn more about the Handpresso Wild Hybrid and how to win it!

The Handpresso Wild Hybrid is actually a technological marvel, itself. There are 6 different international patents related to how it’s made, according to Catherine Nielsen, the wife of the late Danish genius, Henrik Nielsen, who invented the Handpresso Wild Hybrid and other espresso machines.

One of the cool aspects about the Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine is…that it’s portable

Most espresso machines are electric, and, as such, are far from being portable. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine is an exception, in that it doesn’t rely on electricity to brew a great shot of espresso, complete with crema. So, you can go camping, take a hike in the woods, have a picnic, go sailing, or do any other number of outdoor activities, and still have a fresh cuppa hot espresso using the Handpresso Wild Hybrid.

In the interests of making sure that the Handpresso Wild hHbrid does all that it claims to be able to do, and what many reviews of others have said that it does, this reporter tested out the product. With a couple of slight qualifications, the Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine does all that it claims to do — and, you can win one here by being a resident of the United States, and leaving a comment below that isn’t Spam. You must also be 18 years of age or older, and let me know what state you live in. I’ll get the rest of the mailing information later, if you are randomly selected as the winner.

The body of the Handpresso Wild Hybrid is solidly constructe. The handle of it is made out of aluminum and the domepod is partially plastic. By untwisting the handle, you reveal a pump, like a bicycle pump. There is a gauge on the machine, and you pump the pressure up to the green range. It’s a 16-bar pressure pump, and by attaining the optimal air pressure in the machine, and then releasing it with the push of a button, hot water you place in a reservoir is blasted through the coffee to create a great cup of espresso.

As long as you follow the instructions, and maybe a couple of online tips, the Handpresso Wild Hybrid will brew you a great cup of espresso. It might not have quite as much crema as some more expensive espresso machines will provide, but it does make some, and the espresso tastes pretty darn good.

With the Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine, you can use either ground coofee or E.S.E. compostable coffee pods, though not K-Cups. This makes the machine eco-friendly, and the hot water you use can be straight from your thermos, or if you’re at home or the office, from a coffee machine with a hot water dispenser or you can heat the water up to 90 degrees on the stove or in your microwave.

The technology behind the Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine is absolutely unique, according to Catherine Nielsen. The Wild Hybrid espresso machines can be purchased in black, silver, or white, though the machine you can win in this giveaway will be a black one. There are videos online that demonstrate how to use the Handpresso Wild Hybrid, though the instruction manual that comes with it is very easy to understand, and the product is simple to use.

After you pour the hot water into the reservoir, you insert either the ground coffee in a receptacle that comes with the machine, or you can use a E.S.E coffee pod in a variety of flavors. You flip the machine over, press down a button to release the air pressure, and your espresso comes out the opposite side, directly into your cup. True espresso coffee is made by using high pressure to shoot hot water through coffee, and Henrik Nielsen hit upon this invention to accomplish the job easily, with a minimum of fuss and muss. And, you can take it literally anywhere. It’s compact, and easy to store.

Henrik Nielsen was a Danish engineer. He held a PhD in innovation and he created the company NIELSEN INNOVATION. The company specialized in the creation of new products and produce solutions. Henrik was, himself, a lover of espresso, and he wanted to come up with an idea of a product that he could take along with him while traveling, that would serve up a great shot of espresso. He created the very first Handpresso for his own, personal use.

The Handpresso company is located, according to Catherine Nielsen, in Fontainebleau, 50 km South of Paris. Their slogan is “Premium-quality coffee ANYWHERE.” The Handpresso Wild won the Going Green contest in Chicago, Il., in 2009. Also, according to the Importika web site, where you can buy the Handpresso Wild Hybrid if you’re not feeling lucky today, the machine was “Recently added to the MJ Approved series on MensJournal.com” and it “was just featured as one of National Geographic’s picks for Gear of the Year 2013.”

If you love to drink coffee and espresso, here’s your chance to win a Handpresso Wild Hybrid portable espresso machine for yourself, or to give as a gift. The Handpresso Wild Hybrid machine that you might win, if your name is chosen at random and you are selected as the winner, will come to you courtesy of the Handpresso company, Catherine Nielsen, and the Importika company in the U.S., which is one of the distributors of this quality product. Leave a comment below, not Spam. Be a resident of the U.S. and 18 or older. Also, mention what state you live in. What could be simpler? This giveaway will run from now until MIDNIGHT CT Sunday, June 1st., 2014. One entry per person, please. Good luck!

Written by: Douglas Cobb

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