Harmonix Passes Kickstarer Goal to Make Amplitude Reboot

Great Success

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Amplitude being worked on by Harmonix thanks to Kickstater

Back in 2003 the Video Game Developers Harmonix created two music games for the PlayStation 2 that were not critically received by critics, but enjoyed by many people regardless. These two games, Frequency and Amplitude would pave the way for Harmonix to become a major studio and lead to the eventual creation of Guitar Hero and Rock Band. Now, in 2014 Harmonix has created and succeeded with a kickstarter campaign to raise $775,000 for the reboot of Amplitude.

Amplitude is a rhythm-action music game that puts the player in the drivers seat of The Beat Blaster. This ship travels along a number of tracks that each correspond to a different instrument being played in the song. The player presses buttons in the correct note placement to capture a track, which means it will play a few bars automatically, leaving the player to move to a different track. This concept is similar to that of Rock Band Blitz and Rock Band Unplugged and is the core of Amplitude.

With more than ten years since the original, Harmonix is ready to reboot the game the many fans have been craving for years. With so much experience the team is convinced that they are ready to breathe new life into Amplitude and make it something extraordinary with the help of the fans.

The Amplitude Kickstarter has humble expectations as well as an open ear. The team wants to stay faithful to the original, but they also want the fans to say what they want. Combined with the list of crazy ideas within the team, Harmonix has a lot of opportunities to create something outstanding. Amplitude didn’t make a huge amount of money the first time, but some seriously loved it, which is what Harmonix likes to see.


The kickstarter campaign goal was set to $775,00 with stretch goals reaching upto $1,125,000. With less than 24 hours remaining Harmonix reached their goal. Even with this boost from the community about half of the money will still come from Harmonix. When the game is ready, it will release for PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.

Harmonix reaches kickstater goal for Amplitude

This new Amplitude will not be an HD version of the original, it will have a new soundtrack which means new gameplay and new modernized graphics. The soundtrack is being influnenced by those that donated enough money to get their own creations onto the game; made by fans for fans. Also, it is possible the DualShock controller will bring about some new interesting mechanics as well. Harmonix is aware that difficulty is something their fans appreciate.  They plan to make the reboot live up to that amount of difficulty, which is going to get serious, because Amplitude will run at 60 frames per second.

With such a small amount of time remaining, it is a relief to see Harmonix pass their Kickstarer goal of $775,000. The team has a lot of passion and experience behind them, this reboot certainly has the potential to be something astounding. PlayStation fans will an opportunity to play a music game that is as fun to watch as play. If you enjoy video games with a challenge, games with unique gameplay, or music based games, Amplitude is for you.

By Garrett Jutte