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Hugh Jackman may play a sexy, hard man in the X-men films, but he also has a more soulful side that can be seen in his grooving as a dancing king on The Graham Norton Show. Jackman was on the show with co-stars from the upcoming X-men: Days of Future Past, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy. They were discussing production of the film, and how Fassbender would not come out of the trailer, when Jackman said that they use to lure him out with a song. The song happened to be Blurred Lines by Robin Thicke. Shortly after this information was out, the song came over the sound system of the show and all three actors proceeded to “get down”.

The little break out dance was not the first time Jackman had been on camera busting a move. In 2010, he did a Lipton commercial in Japan where he danced throughout the two-minute advertisement. The clip featured Jackman dancing amidst an ensemble of grooving hotel guests. He proceeds to move his way through the hotel kitchen, in a fire-filled and spicy fashion, before dancing his way to the pool. There he simultaneously spins two young ladies, showing the “wolverine” strength that he is so known for. Stiff is the word least likely to describe his performance in this commercial. King of the floor, and radiating a smile while dancing, Hugh Jackman was just as sexy in this short part as he always is.

Jackman, aside from dancing and acting, is also a talented singer. In Les Miserables he, as well as all of the performers in the show, sang live during filming. Jackman played the epic role well, and worked hard to do so. He stated having spent three hours at the gym, prior to the start of the 12 hour work day of filming. He also dieted and restricted his water intake for certain scenes, which paid off for the visual display of his character. Jackman truly looked the part of a man who had been deprived of privileges and food. He had actually given up food and water all together, for over a day, when filming his characters opening scene. He stated that his role in Les Miserables was equally as challenging to prepare for as his role in X-men.

For the upcoming X-men: Years of Future Present, Jackman trained for nearly 18 months. A dawn workout routine part of his preparation for this role as well. Jackman, while on the The Graham Norton Show, also commented on the little accident he encountered on the set. He sliced his inner thigh with the metal claws that were part of his costume. He added that his thigh was the only thing injured, but that he did not want to take the chance of further problems happening. The accident occurred while trying to maintain his modesty during a nude scene. On working with Jackman, Michael Fassbender and James McAvoy commented that his work ethic and personality were infectious and that it motivated them as well.

Playing roles that vary from the strong and silent type, to singing and performing so dramatically that it would be fit to entertain even a king, Hugh Jackman is a talented actor and as it would appear a dancing machine. The now 45-year-old actor has 47 films and 12 soundtracks, along with many awards and nominations, to his name. His Australian charm and many talents keep showing up in the media day after day.

Opinion by Latasha Alvaro

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    We was totally outstanding in Les Miserables

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