JJ Abrams and UNICEF Offer Fans a Chance to Appear in Star Wars

J.J. AbramsStar Wars fans and the generous of heart can now rejoice; both J.J. Abrams and UNICEF are giving fans the chance to appear in the new Star Wars film. Fans can visit the website omaze.com for their opportunity to win. The contest itself is called Star Wars: A Force for Change. Any fan may enter to win and be flown to the set of the new Star Wars film where they will work with the cast and have the chance to be in the movie in a cameo role.

The Omaze website is a tool by which celebrities can crowd source support for various charities. Raffle tickets are purchased on the website, with various donation sizes available ranging from as little as $10 to as much as $50,000! Each ticket offers unique prizes on their own, such as advance screenings of the final cut of the new Star Wars film, replica lightsaber hilts, and Star Wars: Force for Change posters.

The fact that J.J. Abrams and UNICEF are offering fans the chance to appear in the new Star Wars film is definitely a once in a lifetime offer. Disney gave the campaign a jump start by contributing $1,000,000 and fans seeking the chance to be a part of the beloved franchise have been given an incredible opportunity to both show their support and become a part of something greater than themselves.

In a YouTube video that has already garnered over two million views since its upload on May 21, J.J. Abrams has stated that this initiative is in response to both “their support and their patience.” The contest will last until July 18. J.J. Abrams goes on to say that, the most rewarding part about participating in the contest is that by doing so, fans will get to launch something else.

Star Wars: A Force for Change is a UNICEF initiative that is meant to provide underprivileged children and families around the world access to education materials, reliable sources of clean energy, and the ability for children to communicate and eventually reunite with their families after environmental disasters. This campaign is taking place in countries such as China, the Philippines, Uganda and Zambia. UNICEF’s innovation labs are working every day to provide creative solutions to some of the most challenging problems that the third world has to face.

With J.J. Abrams and UNICEF offering fans the chance to appear in the latest Star Wars film, the amount of support they will receive between now and July 18 will likely be astronomical. The chance to appear in the latest installment of Star Wars is simply too good to miss out on, and the fact that this will double as a campaign to aid those in need shows just how relevant the Star Wars franchise has remained. A campaign like this is truly an incredible opportunity for fans to demonstrate their support for the new film and their dedication to such a worthy cause. It is doubtful that any other film, or a director, other than J.J. Abrams, could garner as much fan support as this.

By David Jones


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