Kerry Washington Delivered a Baby Girl

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In a covert move that her television character “Olivia Pope” would be proud of, the star of ABC’s Scandal, Kerry Washington has managed to stun the press with the news that the actress delivered her first child weeks ago. According to reports, Washington and her husband are now the proud parents to a baby girl.

Known for keeping her private life very private sources are reporting that Washington delivered the baby, whom she and her husband have named Isabelle Amarachi Asomugha, back on April 21 at approximately 5 p.m. at Cedar-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles. Reports say the little girl’s middle name, Amarachi, which is African, means “God’s Grace.” It was Washington’s husband Nnamdi Asomugha who signed the baby’s certificate of birth. Neither the actress nor her representatives have made any public announcements regarding baby Isabelle’s arrival. Hospital sources close to the story say first time mother and daughter are doing just fine.

News officially broke back in October that 37-year-old Washington was expecting a baby with her husband whom she had secretly wed months earlier in June. As Washington’s baby bump started to grow, producers of her very successful television series Scandal had to get creative with hiding her pregnancy from the cameras. Washington’s television character “Olivia Pope,” known for her tailored designer clothing was suddenly seen sporting more roomy coats and carrying extra-large handbags. Cameras started shooting the actress in tight close ups and in long shots with Washington’s belly camouflaged behind chairs, books and lamps. With the leading lady in the family way, production had to scale back on the number of episodes delivered for their third season from the standard 22 episodes to 18. The star continued to look stunning as she proudly displayed her growing belly on the red carpet getting photographed and written about during this past award season. Now that Washington’s baby girl is here, many wonder if the actress will snap back to her pre-baby size for the sake of her television character or take her time to lose her baby weight. With the recent season finale of Scandal leaving fans wondering how will “Olivia Pope” reemerge at the start of season four.

Kerry Washington’s star has been rising ever so swiftly in recent years. Landing the much sought after role on Scandal has taken the actress to a level of success many actresses of color have found it hard to achieve. Washington is the first African-American actress to be a principal lead in a television drama in 4o years. The first and only time this has been accomplished was in the 1974 ABC crime series, Get Christie Love which starred Teresa Graves as an undercover police detective.

Kerry Washington’s recent body of work outside of Scandal has included Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained and two projects for Tyler Perry, Peeples and For Colored Girls, among others. Long before the arrival of baby Isabelle, Washington has been keeping busy with her career. As the actress delivered artistically in the many roles she has played, those with first hand experience in raising children will tell the actress that taking on the role of motherhood will be equally demanding and just as rewarding as any role she could play on-screen.

By Hal Banfield

US Weekly
NY Daily News

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  1. phil   July 19, 2014 at 7:10 pm

    i wonder how much did the baby weigh because a lot of first time mom who are already petit lose that baby weight in no time. let not always presume the worst


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