Kim Kardashian and Kanye West Still Hashing Out Prenup Details

Kim KardashianKim Kardashian and Kanye West are still hashing out the details of their prenup, according to TMZ. The celebrity gossip site has found out this information from a source close to the couple, and states that the wedding will not go ahead until all details have been ironed out. This goes against recent reports that the couple got married in Los Angeles this week.

There are possibilities that the wedding will not happen. They have certainly left this important detail to the last minute, as they believe the earliest both will sign the prenuptial agreement will be next Wednesday.

The agreement is not completely about money. While Kardashian learned from her father that protecting her financial interests is important, this is also an agreement about conditions to make the marriage work. The discussions are on a mature level, and there are no arguments unlike the discussions with her second husband Kris Humphries.

Some of the discussions are over future children. West would like more and is willing to pay Kardashian for them. She had a difficult time during her first pregnancy, and worries about that for future ones. However, she does not want her daughter growing up as an only child.

There were thoughts that the prenup agreement was in place a few months ago. However, West has since changed management, which has led to some issues in the fine print.

The 33-year-old recently took to Twitter to cover some of the recent rumors about her wedding. They help to put shed some light on the idea that Kardashian and West are still hashing out their prenup details.

The two are not yet married. There was no secret ceremony over the weekend. However, she has not spoken out about the rumors that she will marry in the United States ahead of her French wedding on May 24. There is the possibility that they will marry beforehand to make the red tape easier to cut through when it comes to the foreign nuptials.

Another rumor she shot down was the idea that the wedding would be filmed for Keeping Up With the Kardashians. She stated that the before and after are being filmed, but the wedding day is just going to be shared in pictures. This goes against the rumor that E! Entertainment will be filming the ceremony for its own two-part special. She has not spoken out about that rumor yet.

One rumor about the guest list being 1,600 people long has also been put to an end by the reality star. She stated again that the wedding is intimate, and has previously suggested that around 200 people have been invited. There were talks about the couple issuing non-disclosure contracts to all guests and will insist that they all hand in their cell phones on the night to avoid detail leaks and photos getting to the press that they do not want.

The date of their US wedding has not yet been confirmed, and chances are it will not be. The French wedding is the one that they want eyes on. However, that will not happen if Kardashian and West do not stop hashing out the details of their prenup agreement in time.

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