Lewinsky Scandal: Bill Clinton Might Apologize in Public

Lewinsky It has been years now. Everything is over and people have almost forgotten the issue – the issue called the Lewinsky scandal, but ‘‘that woman’’ is back on the scene now. After 16 years, Monica Lewinsky looks back over her relationship with the former U.S. President Bill Clinton and reveals her story in Vanity Fair magazine, including details of her life after the scandal broke. Rumor has it now that Bill Clinton might at last apologize in public to his wife, Hillary Clinton, and to ex-White House intern Lewinsky for the 1998 scandal that almost derailed his administration. Bill Clinton might issue this apology in order to facilitate his wife’s possible 2016 White House run, reports The Chicago Sun-Times.

The possible apology would come after Lewinsky penned in Vanity Fair that she regrets profoundly the relationship she had with the former president when she was a White House intern. Lewinsky said in the essay that it was time to “burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” She says that Clinton took advantage of her, but  that it was a mutual relationship. She also alleges that she was made a scapegoat in an effort to protect the president’s powerful position.

During Hillary Rodham Clinton’s candidacy in 2008, Lewinsky did not make any statement on the issue, although she was asked many times. She says that she declined to comment at that time because she did not want to hurt the Democratic Party. However, this time she is opening up. ‘‘I turned 40 last year, and it is time to stop tiptoeing around my past—and other people’s futures,’’ Lewinsky writes in her essay.

After the affair first came out in the media, Bill Clinton infamously declared that he did not have sexual relations with “that” woman. The world leader’s lie led him to be impeached, which nearly cost him his job. The consequence of the affair cost Lewinsky her standing, something she has not been really able to reestablish, she says.

Guessing that the 40-year-old Lewinsky has unexpectedly reappeared because she is out to take revenge, the Chicago Sun-Times recommends that Bill Clinton may try to mitigate the threat Lewinsky poses to his wife Hillary Clinton’s political aspirations by apologizing for the suffering and pain his denial of the scandal has caused both women over the years.

Bill Clinton may or may not at last apologize in public for the Lewinsky scandal, but the question arises: Why did Lewinsky decide to speak out about the scandal after 16 years? The suicide of Tyler Clementi, an 18-year-old Rutgers University student who jumped to his death from a bridge after he was secretly recorded kissing another male, had an effect on Lewinsky. She said that occurrence led her to relive everything that took place in 1998.

Just in case Lewinsky’s public statement causes a blow to Hillary Clinton’s possible campaign, Hillary Clinton herself has allegedly demanded that Bill Clinton make an apology in public for his White House extracurricular activity. The Sun Times’ gossip columnist, Michael Sneed, says that even if it is still an option on the table, it has been an option for more than a decade and a half. It is time to see whether the rumor that Bill Clinton might apologize in public comes true or not.

By Rahad Abir


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