Miley Cyrus Cancels More Concerts!

Miley CyrusMiley Cyrus has been forced to cancel yet more concerts on her Bangerz tour. Like before, it is not her fault and is all connected to her recent stint in hospital. The singer has already had to reschedule the remainder of her US dates, and is now being forced to cancel her European ones, leaving fans extremely disappointed and shocked.

It was only at the start of the week that the 21-year-old singer told Ryan Seacrest that she was looking forward to getting back on tour. She had spent 10 days in hospital after suffering from an allergic reaction from the medication she was prescribed for her sinus infection. The Wrecking Ball singer tried to leave the hospital to get back on tour, but kept suffering from the allergic reaction and needed to go back.

All she wanted to do was get back on tour, and that was something she expected to do at the end of this week. She regularly tweeted that she was looking forward to the start of the European leg of her Bangerz tour, which was scheduled to start May 2. However, she tweeted April 29 a cryptic message telling April where to go, and was obviously upset. A few hours later she tweeted the emoticon of kittens crying, leading to fans questioning the problem.

It turns out that the allergic reaction from the meds has come back, and she has been forced back onto bed rest. She is not in hospital yet, but Cyrus has been forced to cancel more concert dates. Her doctors are not allowing her to fly, even with a mask to protect herself from any further infection or reaction.

The good news for fans is that only two dates have been cancelled for now. In fact, they have been postponed and the new dates are already available. The Amsterdam and Antwerp dates that were supposed to take place on May 2 and May 4 will now take place on June 22 and June 20. Those with tickets will be able to use them for the new dates. Refunds are available for those who are unable to make the new dates.

May 6 is now the new start date for the European leg of the tour, with London’s O2 Arena being the location for that date. Hopefully, Cyrus will feel well enough and be allowed to fly to make that date. She will likely keep everyone informed through her Twitter profile, as that is the one thing she loves to use to share her thoughts and feelings.

The American dates that the Adore You singer postponed will take place on August. She has also added two new dates to the mix. Unfortunately, fans who had tickets for some of the dates will need to buy new tickets, while others are allowed to use their current tickets.

Cancelling concerts is something that the former Disney star has never wanted to do. She loves being on stage, and does not want to disappoint her fans. However, she is under doctor’s orders, and needs to put her health first. That has meant Cyrus cancelling more concerts on her Bangerz tour.

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  1. Leslie Farrell   May 1, 2014 at 7:43 pm

    Educate yourself about adverse prescription drug reactions. Go to and print out a fact sheet. EDUCATE BEFORE YOU MEDICATE!


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