Miley Cyrus Gets Teen UK Fans to Flash Boobs at Concert

Miley Cyrus Gets Teen UK Fans to Flash Boobs at Concert
In keeping with her current outrageous behaviour and tendency to go consistently over the top with sexualizing herself, Miley Cyrus has gotten her teen U.K. fans to flash their boobs at her Birmingham concert. Reports from her Bangerz World Tour performance in the midlands city say that the 21 year-old singer and actress got a little carried away at her show.

The performance took place at the Birmingham National Indoor Arena on Friday night and it was full of her “under-18” fans. Apparently, the fans were all too happy to oblige and the former Hannah Montana was faced with a sea of bare under-age breasts.

According to the Birmingham Mail, a local newspaper, Cyrus was so pleased at this naked display of affection that she dubbed the city the sluttieset in the United Kingdom. Some fans were not too pleased with this pronouncement and went on Twitter to say so.

Since the singer recovered from her allergic reaction to an antibiotic she was prescribed for infected sinuses and started her European portion of her Bangerz tour Cyrus has managed to make headlines regularly for her stunts on stage.

In an earlier performance at a trendy London gay club she made the papers for making an incredibly tasteless date rape joke. This was on top of numbers in her concerts that involved giant inflatable genitalia, the singer simulating sexual acts with a man wearing a Bill Clinton mask and chewing on a fan’s panties.

This recent Miley Cyrus example of inappropriate behaviour, which consisted of the performer asking her teen U.K. fans to flash their boobs during the Birmingham concert, got a lot of attention from the English papers. The Wrecking Ball singer also got a lot of attention during her acceptance speech at the Billboard Awards on Sunday.

Cyrus gave her “remote” speech from England where she went on to thank everyone for making this “sh*t” possible. Miley then quipped that she’d forgotten she was ABC. Incredibly, for Cyrus, she hasn’t posted on Twitter anything about the English city being the sluttiest in the country or about swearing on American television.

Miley has tweeted about everything else. She has also kept her Instagram account filled with photos and videos almost non-stop. Some of the snaps have been “normal” including a very blurry picture of the singer eating a box of fish and chips although in Cyrus parlance they are “f***ing fish and chips.”

Another Instagram snap features a Cyrus selfie where she seems to be doing an impression of a Mrs. Doubtfire zombie. MTV reacted in horror to the snap which was presumably taken in the bathtub, or shower. Another picture featured the same “white-faced” tongue waving pose but from further away and had been FX’d with all sorts of odd things.

Miley Cyrus Gets Teen UK Fans to Flash Boobs at Concert
Naked Mrs. Doubtfire zombie?

Looking at the photo it is hard not to agree with MTV reporter Jessica Hyndman who swears that after seeing the picture she will most likely not sleep tonight. There may be quite a number of young U.K. teens’ parents who are also not sleeping well due to outrage at Miley Cyrus getting all her underage fans to flash their boobs at her Birmingham concert.

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    Do you fall asleep with your tounge out? slut

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    I agree she is a dirty slut

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