Monica Lewinsky: When Will She Finally Go Away?

LewinskyMonica Lewinsky is back in the news; however, nothing “new” has happened with her. Instead, she is making headlines for the same old reason, her affair with former President Bill Clinton. Now, she is appearing in a Vanity Fair spread where she talks about the infamous affair and how sorry she is that it ever happened, but in reality, who cares? The burning question as it relates to Monica Lewinsky is simply, when will she finally go away?

Lewinsky made a name for herself more than 15 years ago, while working as a White House intern, when she decided to engage in an affair with not only a married man, but also the most powerful man in the nation at the time, President Clinton. She told Vanity Fair that she suffered humiliation once their relationship was exposed. While she admits that the affair was completely consensual, did she actually think the outcome would be anything other than humiliation?

If Lewinsky had chosen to have  an affair with anyone other than the President of the United States, no one would have paid much attention to her beyond viewing her as a home-wrecker. Today, most people have long since put the incident out of their minds, with the exception of the occasional pop-culture reference, but not Monica. Recently, she was looking to get noticed again and it worked when she opened up about the issue to Vanity Fair. However, if she was so distraught and humiliated, why does she feel it necessary to bring the affair up again after all this time?

Maybe she is low on cash and hopes to make more money by bringing the scandal back into the headlines. After all, the affair gave her instant celebrity status and she went on to profit “big time” as a result. Lewinsky made $500,000 for participating in the book entitled, Monica’s Story and approximately another $1 million for international rights to a 20/20 interview with Barbara Walters. In addition, she appeared on Saturday Night Live, in Jenny Craig commercials, and even launched a line of handbags. It does not seem like she was all that humiliated by the affair; rather, it would appear that she used her new-found celebrity for financial gain.

Now, more than 15 years later, Lewinsky is bringing the affair up again. It is a sad fact that the only way she can get any time in the press is by rehashing the illicit affair she had with Clinton. However, instead of vying for more media attention, Monica Lewinsky just simply needs to finally go away, but that is probably never going to happen.

Lewinsky says she is opening up about her relationship with Clinton because she wants to help others “in their darkest moments of humiliation” and because she believes it is time for her to “burn the beret and bury the blue dress.” However, if she truly wants to help others who suffer from humiliation and harassment, she could have done that without drawing unnecessary attention to herself or bringing up the affair with Clinton. She could have simply gotten involved with victims or went public with her intention to help others without so much as even mentioning him.

Monica Lewinsky will always be known for her scandalous affair with President Clinton; however, it is time that she move away from the past, finally let it go, get on with her life, and create a more respectable legacy for herself.

Opinion By Donna W. Martin

Vanity Fair

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