Mosquito Killer Vaccine Development in the Race for Malaria Prevention


Mosquito killer vaccine development has received complete recognition for undertaking an extensive research as mosquitoes are identified as  primary cause for the spread of malaria.  In order to prevent this epidemic, American scientists are now seriously working on mosquito killer vaccine development.

After conducting a research on children in Tanzania, scientists have initiated the process of developing a new vaccine. Rising concern with mosquitoes is prevailing more in Africa. But the fact is, cure or preventive care is minimized at the lowest level before it reaches the people in time. There are thousands of patients in Africa who are affected with Malaria. There is a need for an immediate action to be taken as a remedy and to eradicate mosquito related diseases. An efficient vaccine or a spray can surely prevent the entry or occurrence of mosquitoes. Many African nations are hovering on this issue until a permanent remedy arrives.

The new aspect of vaccine is that it works on a new methodology in managing the mosquitoes causing malaria. It is considered to be a very serious disease that can breakdown lives. While mosquito killer vaccine development is currently in process, it is important to know about the primary causes of the appearance of mosquitoes in large population. These are water log in rainy season, poor standards of hygiene and health, gives rise to the population of mosquitoes.

Unhygienic life style can increase the presence of mosquitoes. Cleanliness will soon drive away mosquitoes whereas there is a lot of scope for change in weather; scientists have taken this initiative after seeing the tremendous loss of health caused to men and women in African nations. It is a definite program for all who are seeking a relief from mosquitoes.

One can never be able to confirm about the total count of mosquitoes attack and what are the remedies available at home. Malaria protection is heightened in order to make sure that the vaccine is made and distributed among all communities. WHO estimated that 627,000 people are dying with malaria each year and children are in larger proportions. This is a heart-breaking fact. The new vaccine development will surely be a safe haven for many African countries.

The fact is that, there is a priority to provide vaccine against the spread of malaria. Antibodies are released into the body followed by the malaria fever. It spreads very quickly and there is a note of caution to seek remedy immediately with medication. Some of the reliable sources include using mosquito coil, mosquito net, spray or cream application whereas these are only temporary sources.

Taking all the hurdles into consideration, there is a priority to list the issue of Malaria prevention and develop mosquito killer vaccine to help African people. This development can surely bring a permanent relief from mosquitoes for men, women and children. Health protection being top most requirement, American scientists are investigating heavy research systems to be successful in developing an antidote for mosquitoes. Vaccine is a permanent and long lasting resource that can help young people to stay healthy and not get an attack from malaria. Being part of health and hygiene methodologies, the credit for malaria vaccine is already gained by American researchers. Research and test results provide highly accurate information basing on which, the final work has just begun.

Opinion By Arundhathi Enamela


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    After conducting a research on children in Tanzania….? I couldn’t get past that sentence.


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