Nintendo Has Five New Helpful Ideas


Nintendo has had some rough financial times especially after the Wii U did not sell the way anyone thought it would. So far the only things that are barely keeping them afloat are the sales of the Nintendo 3DS XL and their famed Pokemon franchise. The company announced that it currently has five new helpful ideas that they hope will put them back in the spotlight with their audiences and end their three-year losing streak.

The first new helpful idea that Nintendo has to pull themselves from the abyss lies in their recently released title, Mario Kart 8. Nintendo’s idea is to give their audiences an upgraded gaming experience by allowing players to record and share videos of game-play. The company is no doubt taking a page from that of Sony Entertainment and the Playstation 4 as well as Microsoft and the sharing ability of the Xbox One. Nintendo finally decided to take the plunge and jump on the bandwagon that is gameplay video sharing. Upon release, Mario Kart 8  will come with access to an online feature that is currently known as “Mario Kart TV.”  The new feature will not only allow players to upload their races for others to see, but it will also allow them to view helpful hints, tips and trick that have been uploaded by the Nintendo corporation. Gamers will be able to view videos that have been uploaded through different devices such as their personal computer or their smart phones. If a player also possesses a Nintendo network ID, then they will be able to view global rankings as well as race videos and best times set by their friends.

The second new helpful idea Nintendo has is to foster the sales of indie video games and promote digital games sales. Gaming enthusiast that own a Nintendo console are very much familiar with the company’s online store known as the “eShop.” They are also very familiar with how the online shop had almost nothing that was worth purchasing and also how much of a hassle it was to purchase something from the shop. Despite those facts, sales in the eShop have tripled over two years. Online sales and digital game distribution could easily save Nintendo’s bacon and they know it. More digital content and indie games will become available as time progresses.

The third idea that Nintendo has come with in their list of five  helpful ideas can only best be described as Nintendo’s answer to the Skylanders franchise. The company did build a touch-screen into their last console’s controller, and it is about time they made some products that utilize the technology. The company is planning to release figurines that have data programmed into them which allow them to respond to the touch-screen in the controller. Similar to how the aforementioned Skylanders figures respond to their power portal this is how the Nintendo figurines will respond to the controller. The problem with this idea is that, so far, the company only has one game that can take advantage of the technology, and that is Pokemon Rumble .

Fourth, the company is thinking of creating a new line of console for exclusive sale in other parts of the world. These new consoles will not be upgrades of the Wii U or 3DS. They will be original and available in areas where Nintendo is attempting to reach a newer market. While they have not made a decision on the market of choice, Nintendo stated that they will try for countries with an expanding population of middle-class citizens, such as India or Brazil.

The fifth and final idea has Nintendo focusing on health and fitness. It may sound like they have gone down this path already, but this is not the case. The games of choice will not be Wii Fit or Wii Sports, but instead will be an entirely new concept altogether. This new concept focuses on “non-wearable” technology. Details on the new health and fitness platform are vague and more information will be released later.

Despite post net losses for the past three years, it is still entirely possible for Nintendo to rise from the ashes. These five  new, helpful ideas that the Nintendo company has come up with are sound and have potential to bring Nintendo back into the good graces if their customers.

Opinion by Mike White

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