‘Pokemon Art Academy’ Coming to U.K. and U.S.



Since the time of its release, the popular video game franchise known as Pokemon has inspired a large number of fans to draw art based on their favorite game characters. Now Nintendo is poised to release a new video game for its popular handheld gaming console, the Nintendo 3DS. Fans of the video game and television show are excited about the upcoming release of Pokemon Art Academy, which is coming to the U.S. and the U.K.

After its American television debut in 1998, and an explosively popular video game release later on, the franchise known as Pokemon, or Pocket Monsters, has become a household name. Fans of the games and television series range from the very young to the older generations who were with the franchise from a young age when it was new. Pokemon is a multi-billion dollar following with a fan base that stretches all over the world and is undoubtedly very excited about the next installment in the game lineup.

The new game combines the Pocket Monster franchise with a game that was already released by Nintendo. The earlier-released game goes by the name of Art Academy and is focused on the concept of users making their own versions of fine art. Pokemon Art Academy pictures will be more cartoon-like, just the same as the illustrations in the animated television series. The new game will also have features that were not present in the former version of Nintendo’s Art Academy video game, such as the option to choose markers that make colors come out in more easily managed blocks. Artists will also be able to use a dark, bold pen to trace their designs. That pen cannot be colored over once it is applied to the image. If the player makes a mistake while they are drawing, they now have an undo button that will remove the last mistake they made on their picture.

The game is set to have 40 of Nintendo’s Pokemon characters available to be drawn by those that purchase the game. Players will have the ability to choose one of the drawing modes that will test their creativity. Two of the modes go by the names of quick sketch and free paint. Both modes come with over 100 assorted Pokemon-related images that they will be able to draw in any fashion they see fit. A player can also take pictures with their Nintendo 3DS camera and touch them up using the Pokemon Art Academy photo editor. Once a photo is edited, it can be saved and then imported to MiiVerse.

The game also features over 40 tutorials that are taught by the game’s tutor, Professor Andy. The game’s tutorial teaches players how to make the most of their artwork and how to use basic functions on the Nintendo 3DS touch screen.

Once Pokemon Art Academy releases in the U.K. and the U.S., it will appease fans of both art and Pokemon. The game will come out in the United Kingdom first on July 4 of this year. An exact release date for the United States has yet to be announced, but Nintendo speculates the game will be on American soil sometime this fall.

By Mike White

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