‘Zombie Apocalypse’ Legislation Introduced by Pentagon

Zombie Apocalypse“Zombie apocalypse” legislation that was recently introduced by the United States’ Pentagon provides an intricate plan in the case of a possible outbreak of swarms of human zombies or any string of other national disasters. As the Defense Department has set procedures in place for any sort of catastrophe, a “zombie apocalypse” is now officially listed as one such event.

“CONPLAN 8888” is the legislative document that explains how the U.S. government and military would be able to respond to a possible zombie apocalypse. Overall, the strategy includes operative directions for the military to follow that would save non-infected humans from incoming danger “posed by a zombie horde.”

As part of a three-step plan to maintain control during a possible outbreak, CONPLAN 8888 states the following goals: 1) to protect humans through keeping a “defensive perimeter;” 2) initiating maneuvers to destroy threats from zombies; and 3) working with government officials to restore law and order in the land after a massive outbreak.

While the Pentagon has introduced these set of strategies through valid legislation, the institution clearly states that it does not believe that a Hollywood-style zombie apocalypse would really occur in real life. Despite the fact that CONPLAN 8888 contains defense maneuvers in preparation for a wide range of zombie attacks, from “zombie chickens to pathogenic zombies,” the plan was meant to serve as general guidelines to follow during a disease outbreak or another similar crisis. Other sections of the plan involve different tactics to use in heavily populated versus lightly populated areas.

The set of strategies listed in CONPLAN 8888 could be a valuable learning tool for current students in the military, as well as for their trainers. Due to the severity of a “zombie apocalypse scenario,” Pentagon officials believe that the tools learned through this plan could come in handy during any given instance of a national emergency. Taking into consideration both economic and political aspects, the plan targets all effects of such an emergency.

While many critics and those learning about CONPLAN 8888 see this as a completely laughable piece of legislation, many students in the military learning the set of measures are enabled to “explore the basic concepts of plan and order development,” due to the ridiculousness of the subject matter. In other words, the fact that this plan features a far-fetched reality of such an instance occurring, it keeps students engaged, allowing them to better understand the subject matter, with an overall knowledge of techniques in the case of a real national disaster.

Another reason why the term “zombie apocalypse” was selected for the legislation introduced by the Pentagon was due to the fact that this sort of disaster scenario had no risk of political implications. If it had held the name of a foreign country, like “Nigeria” or “when Russia strikes,” the political heat would have surely resulted in a large amount of strife from those nations. The plan therefore could not be mistaken as being real.

The ‘zombie apocalypse’ legislation introduced by the Pentagon, aside from criticism, is not a joke. As CONPLAN 8888’s description states, the measures set aside in the plan were not designed as a joke, but are meant to be used as a broader exercise for the military.

By Scott Gaudinier

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