PS4 Outsells Xbox One

ps4 PlayStation 4 will outsell Xbox One globally. PS4 has sold over seven million consoles globally while Xbox One has only sold three million even though it has shipped over five million consoles. When the consoles first came out in November of 2013, the competition was very close. At that point it seemed as if either competitor could take the lead and be crowned winner over the other. However five months later, things turned in favor of the creators of PlayStation 4.

Sony took the lead, selling over 7 million consoles while Xbox One shipped around 5 million consoles to distributors, but sold only around 3 million. The cost of the Xbox One did not help it succeed either. It fell short for a few reasons, one being that it was priced $100 above PlayStation 4. Microsoft also decided to protect the rights of the console by making it so that users had to log in to play the game, and could only use discs which were purchased legally. Used games would not be operable on the Xbox One. This is where Sony took the lead. PlayStation 4 allows users to play used games on their system at a lower price than Microsoft’s Xbox One.

According to statistics, PlayStation outsold Xbox One in every month of 2014. Nintendo did not really stand a chance at the competition either. They sold nearly 3.5 million, but could not really compete with the features that Xbox One and PlayStation 4 offered. As far as design goes, PlayStation and Xbox are a little different, but carry some of the same characteristics. The PlayStation 4 is lighter in weight and a little more stylish, while the Xbox One is heavier and more bulky looking. The Xbox One is better suited for form in a way because it has many visible and compatible open ports, whereas, the PlayStation 4 does not. The PlayStation 4 offers 2.4 GHz but does not offer 5 GHz, whereas the Xbox One does. The Xbox One also offers all the same wireless connectivity as PS4 but also includes the 802.11a port. PlayStation 4 offers user replaceable drives, whereas Xbox One allows the user to add external storage to their system, making it a little bulkier than it already is. PlayStation 4 took a different approach and allowed the user to replace the drive entirely without voiding the warranty, whereas Xbox One does not allow that.

In regard to ports, Xbox One is the winner. It has two USB ports and a third port on the side. It also has various ports such as HDMI in/out ports, S/PDIF which allows audio, an Ethernet port, and a Kinect port. All the way to the far right is a K-lock port so you can take it anywhere there is an LAN connection. Sony did not really go above and beyond like the makers of Xbox One did. As far as ports go, there are a few on the back, including an HDMI out, Ethernet, S/PDIF, and PS4 camera port on the back of the console. It is Playstation 4’s sleek design, however, that allows it an edge. That is a big reason why PS4 outsells Xbox One.

By Anah Ayala


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  1. chris   May 12, 2014 at 7:08 am

    Way to get your facts straight. Xbox one plays used games just fine. Pathetic, lazy article. Next time, look up the facts before you post another rubbish article, you have blatently just googled your info and not put much time in at all.

    Do you own either console? Have you even ever played a videogame at all?

    Good luck with your career, you’ll need it.

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