Rafael Nadal Considered the Best Tennis Player Ever by Andre Agassi

Rafael Nadal is considered to be the best tennis player ever by eight-time, Grand Slam champion and retired tennis player Andre Agassi. Agassi made this claim during an interview with Singapore’s Straits Times newspaper, stating that Nadal is the best, not Roger Federer. Arguably, both tennis players are the top two, but Agassi claims that the Spaniard, Rafa, has the edge over the Swiss, Federer. The Spaniard currently has 13 Grand Slam titles, while Federer holds 17 Grand Slam titles. Federer’s last victory was in 2012 at Wimbledon and has lost the No. 1 status, dropping to No. 4.

Nadal holds the No. 1 position in the tennis rankings. He is also expected to surpass the 17 Grand Slam titles that the Swiss holds. These factor are what holds Agassi’s argument that the Spaniard is the best tennis player ever. However, Andre Agassi states that the numbers of Grand Slam titles should not be the only factor to determine who the greatest tennis player is ever.

Another fact that might make this consideration true is that the Spaniard tennis player has beaten Federer 23 times out of the 33 all-time meetings between the two. On the other hand, Roger Federer held the No. 1 rank for 237 consecutive weeks, something Nadal has not been able to do. Both tennis players have won all four Grand Slams. However, Rafa is currently four titles short.

Andre Agassi claims that Rafa has accomplish tennis titles in a more difficult era of tennis than Federer. The Swiss tennis player went hiatus for four years, and, recently, his dominance has diminished. Agassi claims the Spaniard is still on the rise and will is not done winning titles.

According to Agassi, the Spaniard had to deal with Federer, Djokivic, and Murray in what was called the golden age of tennis. Rafael Nadal was on top during this era. Conversely, Federer took four years off from the court avoiding tennis players like Roddick and Hewitt. Agassi’s point is that Rafa had it tougher and still managed to triumph.

When looking at the stats, the decision could go either way. Yes, Federer has more Grand Slam titles, but Nadal has more wins head-to-head with Federer. It is all up ones taste or discretion really. However, Agassi is convince that the Spaniard is the best ever because the Spaniard has more time than Federer to accomplish more titles.

Rafael Nadal has won multiple majors except for the Australian Open. Andre Agassi has claimed that the Spaniard only needs a year or so to accomplish that feat. Agassi also said the Rafa has so much more to accomplish even after what Rafa has already accomplished.

Is Nadal the best? Maybe. The Spaniard tennis player could be on his way to being the best ever. His triumphs definitely put him in the conversation. However, Rafa must keep up his great play for the remainder of his career to get to that stage in which he can be called the best ever.

Commentary by Jose Herrera

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