Zac Efron Keeps His Head in the Game

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Zac Efron has completed the nearly impossible task of changing his status from child star to one of Hollywood’s newest heart-throbs. His current movie, Neighbors, with comedian Seth Rogen, hits theaters this week. He also took home an MTV Movie Award for his raunchy, yet hilarious turn in 2013’s That Awkward Moment. However, some recently revealed shocking moments have had many people wondering if he could keep his head in the game by turning his life around.

The young actor, rather than continuing to hide, gave a candid interview to The Hollywood Reporter, admitting that the issues that were loudly whispered about late last year were mostly true.

“I was drinking a lot, way too much,” he said. “It’s never one specific thing. I mean, you’re in your 20’s, single, going through life in Hollywood, you know? Everything is thrown at you. I wouldn’t take anything back. I needed to learn everything I did. But it was an interesting journey, to say the least.”

The sordid tales of Zac Efron began back in September of 2013, with numerous sources claiming that the young actor was struggling with a deep cocaine addiction. He also had been dabbling with Molly, a street name given to the purest form of Ecstasy (MDMA). The problem continued for around two years.

With hopes of beating his addiction, he took part in an “intensive outpatient program” that lasted several weeks in March of 2013. However, while filming Neighbors the very next month, Efron relapsed. His problems began eclipsing his performance and his co-stars claimed that he repeatedly did not turn up on set for filming. His representative initially refused to comment on the reports.

In November of that year, more questions arose when Efron was said to have broken his jaw after slipping in a puddle of water at his home. The incident added more rumors of erratic behavior when it was revealed that Emergency Services were not immediately called. He attempted to make light of the situation in a viral video used to promote his appearance in That Awkward Moment.

He seemed well on his way to turning things around once more in early 2014, but trouble struck Zac Efron once more. On an evening in late March, he and his bodyguard were driving through a bad part of Los Angeles on their way to a sushi restaurant. While en route, his car ran of gas. As they both waited for a tow truck, the bodyguard threw a bottle out of the car’s window. It shattered near two homeless people walking nearby. Believing the bottle was thrown intentionally, the two vagrants confronted the bodyguard and attacked him when he stepped out of the car. Efron then followed, attempting to help, but was also attacked. He ended up being punched in the mouth by one of the men, who were said to be carrying weapons.

“It was the most terrifying moment of my life”, he admitted to The Hollywood Reporter.

Things seem to be on the upswing for the man who started his road to fame by co-starring in the little watched CW show, Summerland before being transformed into a Disney star in the three High School Musical movies. His life is not perfect and he realizes that. He now speaks with the realization that overcoming his addiction is a “never-ending” struggle. However, with the help of Alcoholics Anonymous and a therapist, it seems as if Zac Efron has found a way to keep his head in the game.  “I’m much more comfortable in my own skin”, he admits. “Things are so much easier now.”

By Jonathan Brown

The Hollywood Reporter
US Weekly



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