Shailene Woodley Gets the Definition of Feminism Wrong

Shailene WoodleyLike many others, Shailene Woodley has gotten the definition of feminism wrong. This misunderstanding of the term has given the term a bad name over the past few years, meaning that many women shy away from the idea of being feminists. It is about time the true definition was put out there.

In a recent interview Woodley announced that she was not a feminist because she “loved men.” She cannot see a world where men being knocked from power so women can be placed in those positions of power could work. This is not the true meaning of the term.

Feminism is wanting men and women to be equal in the workplace and in life. It started with the fight to get to own lands and money, and gain the right to vote. It has since moved onto being paid equal, and having the chance to gain the top positions. Unfortunately, there are still many aspects that stop women from reaching those top spots, and bosses who still believe that women cannot do the job properly.

On the other hand, there are also cases of lawmakers looking to make it a legal requirements that boards are made up of a certain number of females, or that bosses hire a certain number of females in top positions. This is part of the reason why the term has been given such a bad name. While women want equal rights, there is still the importance of getting the job because of skill and expertise; not just because a law says so.

Woodley continued to get the definition of feminism wrong throughout her interview. At another point she explained that women could never gain the respect they want because women fail to respect each other. She stated that she found the fact that women would often argue between themselves and belittle each other as “heartbreaking.”

However, her preference for women to join together and respect each other was called a “sisterhood.” It is worth pointing out that feminists believe in women gaining respect, and this means between each other as well as gaining the respect of men.

In the end, the Divergent star started to contradict herself. She started sharing how the film The Other Woman was a good example of a sisterhood, and how the women joined together and respected each other. However, the whole movie is about taking down one man who had wronged all the women. It is about removing him from his power, which went against the balance of power that she had previously spoken about.

Feminism is not about hating men, and it is not about gaining more power than men. The whole idea was for women to get equal rights as men. This was the thing that the Suffragettes wanted and fought so hard for. Men can be feminists too if they believe that women should have equal rights and equal pay.

Unfortunately, the term has been twisted into something negative. Feminists are now viewed as man-haters, which has led to many being too scared to admit that they are one. Woodley is just one example of this after getting the definition of feminism wrong.

Opinion by Alexandria Ingham



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