Sofia Vergara Felt Ex-Fiance Used Her for His Own Gain


Sofia Vergara reportedly felt that her now ex-fiancé used her for his own gain during their relationship. The two called it quits for good recently, with Vergara informing her fans of the split on her WhoSay account on May 24, 2014.

Although the 41-year-old Colombian beauty originally attributed the breakup to busy schedules and lack of time together, sources close to the actress have revealed that Vergara felt that she had become more of a potential business opportunity than a partner to her fiancé. Nick Loeb, 38, is a failed politician turned entrepreneur. He patented the crispy onion topping Onion Crunch a few years ago, and is doing his best to market the condiment internationally. The aforementioned sources have stated that Vergara was under constant pressure from Loeb to help with said marketing, wanting her to use her world-renown success and connections to push the product. There are also claims that the businessman regularly attempted to coax the Modern Family star into helping him land acting roles, particularly a part in her upcoming movie Don’t Mess With Texas (which is set to hit theaters on May 8, 2015) in which she stars alongside Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon. This latter attempt to use Vergara’s success to create his own was reportedly the final straw in the couple’s already rocky relationship.

The two first met at a Golden Globes party in 2008, three years after Loeb’s unsuccessful attempt to run for the Delray Beach City Commission. Their first breakup was reportedly due to constant arguments over the condiment creator’s jealousy of the actress’s rising popularity due to her portrayal of Gloria Delgado-Pritchett in the hit ABC sitcom. The couple announced their engagement, however, a mere two months after this incident. Loeb proposed to Vergara in July of 2012, during a trip to Mexico, while visiting the pre-Colombian city of Chichen Itza, built by Mayans. It was Vergara’s 40th birthday, and she was surrounded by over 100 family members she had flown out for the celebration. The engagement lasted for two years, although the tumultuous friction between the two reportedly did not get much better during this time, leading to the actress to take herself out of the situation for good.

The marriage would not have been a first for either party. Loeb wed Swedish actress Anna Pettersson in 2007. The businessman was in talks with former New York mayor Rudi Giuliani to host a fundraiser in order to promote his 2009 run for state senate. His mission was brought to an abrupt halt, however, when his wife was arrested for driving under the influence. The two divorced shortly after. They had no children together. Vergara was married at 18 to Joe Gonzalez, her high school love. She gave birth one year later to a boy, Manolo. She and Gonzales put an end to their marriage soon-after, divorcing in 1993.

Sofia Vergara and Nick Loeb have certainly seen their fair share of makeups and breakups over the years. After coming to the realization that her ex-fiancé only used her for his own gain, it seems as though actress plans on making the split stick for good.

Opinion by Rebecca Grace

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