South Africa a God Forsaken Country

South Africa

South Africa seems to be a god forsaken country as the criminal elements expand to unparalleled extremes. There is no limit to the vicious murders, rapes, robberies and torture of innocent people. After twenty years of democracy, South Africa has become a country where crime rules and survival is not a game but a reality.

Shocking reports of murders, farm murders, and rapes continue to appear in the media. Reports of grisly deeds performed by some criminally minded people read like a horror story. The grisly torture and excruciating pain the victims endure before they are eventually killed are a daily occurrence throughout the land.

Why would anybody visit this god forsaken country? South Africa is rated with the highest rape percentage rate in the world. To travel to this country knowing the facts of the crime rates and lurking dangers is seriously wrong. The country is known to have the highest number of people infected with Aids as well. On the positive side, South Africa has a favorable exchange rate, an appealing climate, attractive beaches and wildlife tours thus South Africa is a magnet for tourists.

While the country offers exceptional hospitality to tourists, they are also a soft target by criminals who have easy access to guns. Theft and petty crimes do not always appear in the media, and it is only when a murder is committed that the story is reported.

The story of a British woman repeatedly raped at gunpoint during a 14 hour ordeal, after she and her friend were kidnapped while visiting the stunning Drakensburg Mountains made waves in the international media. The tourists were blindfolded, bound with rope, and shoved into the perpetrators car. Driving around local illegal drinking dens, they assaulted the two victims. As the night progressed, the perpetrators invited drinkers at the taverns to taunt, rape, and assault their victims. Their intended fate was to be taken to the bordering Mozambique country, where they were to be killed and their bodies dumped. The offenders were extremely intoxicated however and lost control of the car. It overturned and luckily the victims managed to escape on foot.

In another incident, a British tourist was shot and killed in her hotel room after a confrontation with an armed robber. These two incidents are among the worst involving British tourists. It is estimated that over 300,000 Britons visit South Africa each year.

Walkersville, South of Johannesburg was the scene of a gruesome murder and rape recently. Three men broke into a home and assaulted the family after which the father was shot dead. The woman was brutally raped and murdered. Their twelve-year-old son was gagged and tied up. The robbers then put the child into a bath of boiling water and drowned him. The domestic helper’s son and gardener pleaded guilty to the murders. At a court hearing, the offenders mutually admitted to the awful deeds and upon returning to their cells laughed about their conquest.

Reporters at an additional recent crime scene were warned that they would be arrested for obstruction of justice and charged with racism if an article was published before any arrests were made. The surviving victim has spoken about the traumatic ordeal that left his daughters and wife dead. The criminals are still on the loose.

The untold story of yet another farm murder on a peaceful Sunday afternoon was unexpected and disastrous. The family of four was all in the kitchen preparing meals for the week ahead. The father heard a noise, turned around and suddenly a sharp pain engulfed his shoulder as he was stabbed with a machete. Four men entered the house and continued to beat the man. During the ordeal, the two children, aged six and eight, were repeatedly raped and later they were killed.  The man tried his best to fight off the attackers, to no avail. His wife was raped, beaten, mutilated and killed. The man lost consciousness, was later found by neighbors and is recovering in hospital. His story has not been told in the media for fear of a return attack by the offenders who, having not been apprehended, wander around freely.

The horror stories are endless, it is estimated that more than 90 people are murdered in South Africa daily. The horrific incidents remain a nightmare for the citizens who constantly live in fear. South Africa is a God forsaken country that people hesitate to visit. Based on the recent surveys undertaken on the crime statistics in South Africa, both the U.S. and Britain issue reports and warning to their citizens who wish to explore the beautiful country.

Opinion By Laura Oneale


12 Responses to "South Africa a God Forsaken Country"

  1. bettybear   December 7, 2014 at 5:17 am

    praying for your safety Marthie

  2. John   November 22, 2014 at 12:35 am

    Britain under Harold Wilson placed sanctions on South Africa to dismantle apartheid.Well, the British have now got what they wanted as of the rest of the world has. Don’t look for sympathy Poms. What did you do to the Boers in the second Boer war? Your country has the worst record of human rights abuses the world will ever experienced all executed under the cloak of the Crown.

  3. Marylyn Daley   November 20, 2014 at 5:11 pm

    Complete Horror story of a beautiful country turned Evil and monstrous.Wicked to the core.The evil murderers must be stopped at this.They should be hung and and suffer burning coals for murdering innocent people and children.It must stop.Gun culture must be culled.Tell the world what is going on in South Africa expose them.expose the filth and robbers and murderers..Stop the murders and rapes of innocent people.Discourage tourism.expose it as a danger to life.Something has to be done to stop the wicked monsters from prospering as they murder people and children..

  4. Judith Nel   November 17, 2014 at 11:18 am

    40 white farmers killed in one month this year. What disgusts me is that there is not a word reported about the crime and genoside in SA by the U.S. UK. Australia and New Zealand. They were not shy to speak out before Mandela came on the scene and by the why did Mandala or Biship Tutu try to stop or report it. no they did not. The International communities are a bunch of hypocrites. They stick their noses in other countries business only when it is for their financial or political gain. Forget about the real human rights. It is the same as Zimbabwi. No much was said about what they did to the whites and their own people. Society has become sick.

  5. MAMA BEAR   July 24, 2014 at 2:05 am

    South Africa is just as bad as the author says and those who say otherwise are blind to what is happening. If there are 45 hijackings a day in USA you must remember there lives millions upon millions in USA and that the 45 would represent a rather small percentage. Also America is known as a country where crime occurs frequently. How blind you people are who defend this country of ours. It is not like this in other countries and I KNOW it because I am now living in a country where such atrocities do not happen. Stop saying white people are whiney! Why do you not rather ask why those who blame white people of being soft are so seared in their conscience that they do not complain? In the end that is what put me off South Africa for good: that her citizens tolerate this and even defend the country…and even attack and insult those who say this is not normal. South Africa is literally like a war zone. Marthie Swart I really know how you feel and I really hope and pray a door opens for you to leave.

  6. Gary   May 31, 2014 at 12:40 am

    Blatant hyperbole lol

    White South Africans are wusses, the biggest drama queens on the planet. I’ve got friends who live in Gauteng it’s nothing like this.

    The country doesn’t even have a travel advisory from the US government, that’s how dangerous it is. Go and live in Honduras Laura to see the true meaning of terror. I can’t even remember the last time a British tourist was murdered there you’re really scraping the barrel with that one!

    If I was Liberty Voice I’d keep a close eye on this author, suspicious to say the least.

  7. Terence   May 16, 2014 at 2:03 am

    To S Cibi: Facts are facts – over 60 000 brutal black on white murders, and farm killings often involving torture, rape and aggravating circumstances. But to you that is just white people moaning too much? Your racism blinds you.

    To Michelle: The corrrupt ANC has just been returned with a huge 62% majority. Both the voters for this party and the overwhelming majority of killers come from the same demographic, for whom such crime is not it seems as big an issue. So there is no chance for the moment at least of voting them out.

  8. S Cibi   May 13, 2014 at 12:51 am

    This message is from a clueless person. There has been less murders in South Africa than there were during the apartheid regime. White people have a phobia of occupying the same space as people of other color to such an extent that they see issues where there are none. In the US, 45 vehicles are hijacked daily and you ain’t saying anything about that.

  9. Ruby   May 12, 2014 at 4:44 am

    So true!

    I left South Africa 2006!
    Returned 2012 for the unfortunate death of my brother 🙁

    South Africa is NO RAINBOW NATION! Nelson Mandela never renounced The killings!

  10. Michelle   May 12, 2014 at 4:03 am

    Stop voting in a corrupt government. Government should work for you, “hire”/vote in a better government. …if it doesn’t improve your life then vote in Once a better more efficient government is in power then changes can be made. Ie. Better justice system, a well trained and efficient police force. These stories will not stop unless police are trained better and earn a better wage for them to want to protect our society.

  11. Marthie Swart   May 11, 2014 at 4:22 am

    I agree with the writer completely! I live in South Africa and I am scared everyday for my family. The Police will not help you because they are just as corrupt and somethimes they are the perpitrators. I feel so powerless!! I do not know how to protect my lillte 3 year ols boy – I want out of this county!! I worry daily about my son’s future, I am so scared that when I’m at work something terrible will happen to him!! I can’t sleep because every sound you hear at night might be somebody trying to break in your house and attack you! This is no life for anybody to live!!


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