‘Star Wars’ Day All Around

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It is May 4 once again. This is an iconic and memorable day for fans all around who enjoy the hit movie franchise known as Star Wars. Whether they are new or old, a fan is a fan and all fans celebrate this momentous holiday in a way that is special.

May 4 is an unofficial holiday that was adopted by fans to commemorate any and all things related to the George Lucas’ award winning franchise.  Star Wars enthusiasts all around the world are finding new ways to celebrate this day, which was found by the fan and for the fans. Some get together with a group of friends and watch the iconic films for the whole day. Some dedicate the day to reading some of the many comics and graphic novels that deal with the popular franchise. Others take to the streets adorned in a Star Wars themed costume and do their daily routines as if all is completely normal. No matter what a fan does on this day, it is usually in celebration of Star Wars.

This day may have been created by the fans and it certainly is for the fans as well, but that doesn’t stop retailers and businesses everywhere, whether they are big or small, from finding a way to profit from this unofficial holiday. At a Disney in London, The iconic droids from the series, R2-D2 and C-3PO, are walking up and down Oxford Street and delighting all of the people they pass.  The London Disney store was also holding events on their property. The first 100 guests to enter the store were given a limited-edition commemorative Star Wars Pin. Also there were games being played like Jedi Mind Tricks, Lightsaber master classes and shoppers were given the chance to purchase newly released exclusive Star Wars merchandise.

Meanwhile in Tozeur Tunisia, there is a large gathering of Star Wars fans who traveled from all around the world to share in Star Wars day, along with others who share their enthusiasm for the films. The gathering is also being held in order to raise funds to reclaim the areas of Tunisia where certain important parts of Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace were filmed in the 1990s. The desert also played another important role in Star Wars Episode IV: A New Hope. It was featured as the setting for Luke Skywalker’s home planet of Tatooine in the 1970s. The event taking place in Tunisia will raise funds by bringing tourism to the North African nation.

In addition to all the Star Wars day events that are happening all around the real world, the internet featured all kinds of events based on May 4. Star Wars comic books are on sale through various comic book websites. Since Saturday was free comic book day, the Dark Horse Comic company advertised special deals that allowed readers to purchase multiple comics for one price

This day may not be an official Holiday that appears on calendars, but it still holds meaning to fans everywhere both young and old. No matter where the fans may be, it will always be Star Wars Day all around the globe.

By Mike White

Hero Complex-Los Angeles Times
Metro UK

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