Star Wars Wedding ‘May the Fourth’

Star Wars

Star Wars has been a major movie franchise since 1977, with everything from clothing to car decor available in the style of the films. Now even weddings are included. A Star Wars themed wedding called “May the Fourth,” with characters included, will be taking place as part of the pop-up wedding series. The event, which will be hosted in Brisbane, Australia, is the first of its kind worldwide, and it is a unique alternative to traditional elopements.

If residing in the United States, making the first installment may be a bit tough, as it is already May 4 in Australia today. Not to worry though, more like it are likely to come in the future. The concept is a pretty cool idea, especially for the millions of Star Wars fans all over the world. The current affair is an all day, all-inclusive wedding package. The cost per couple is $910 AUD. The price includes the officiant, professional photographer, props, backdrops, cake, bubbly, flowers and a wedding coordinator.

Costumes are encouraged, as the officiants are going to be rocking them as well, and the venue space will be decked out in classy Star Wars decor. Princess Leia, Chewbacca and Darth Vadar are among a few of the attendees who will be at the event. Even the wedding date was selected to be tailored to the Star Wars theme, May the fourth. While this themed event is the first galactic affair to occur for the company, this is not the first pop-up wedding. The people hosting the event have done many different styles of pop-ups before, and they are not the only company doing them. There are pop-up weddings, from a variety of companies, here in the U.S. as well.

For those new to the idea, pop-up weddings are all-in-one weddings that “pop-up” in one set location for a set date. Vendors are selected to participate in the event, and usually couples looking to be married are asked to register prior to the wedding day. They allow for a unique and still personable wedding for people not wanting a big guest list and all the fuss of planning. They are essentially an awesome, alternative style of eloping.

The companies vary on policy as to whether guests are allowed to attend. Some say there are no guests, while others allow up to 30 people, however there is usually limited seating. Pop-up weddings seem to be growing in popularity, and it is not hard to see why. Today, the average wedding in the United States costs $27,000, and this amount does not include the honeymoon. New York, which is the most expensive city, has an average wedding cost of $65,824.

With high fees, guest lists, seating charts, and what seems like an endless amount of planning, elopements and pop-up weddings offer an intimate affair with much less stress. The idea may not be for everyone, but if eloping is what a couple is looking for, then pop-up weddings seem to be a great way to do it while still getting a special day, photos and a whole lot of fun. If Star Wars “May the Fourth Be With You” is a little too themed, betrothed couples can keep an eye out for other dates and styled weddings to “pop-up,” as the name suggests. Like traditional weddings, it is all about finding the day that seems special to the bride and groom.

Opinion by Latasha Alvaro

The Pop-Up Wedding

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