The After Party: An Alliance of Activists

activistsA new third party has developed and they are ready for their first action. This weekend, The After Party, an alliance of activists and volunteers in Detroit, will spend a couple of days feeding the hungry, ridding the streets of debris and building new urban gardens. This is a political party built on the foundations built by the Occupy Wall Street Movement and structured by compassionate and sustainable ideals. This weekend is the launch of the new populist political party.

In the party’s platform, they lay out the primary issues that they believe should be important to all political parties and simply are not. By treating all humans with respect, recognizing the rights of immigrants and indigenous populations, endeavoring to create more ecologically sustainable infrastructures and providing no-cost higher education, The After Party will attempt to fill some long neglected voids in government responsibility.

On the evening of May 2nd, the weekend of celebration and good work will launch with the signing of The After Party Manifesto at Bert’s Market Place. Split into six sections, the party’s manifesto establishes that the people are not represented as a true Democracy requires. The After Party’s vision and commitment to Earth are also addressed.

As an alliance of activists, The After Party has a solid plan in place in order to solidify and unify all party members. They plan to begin by making change on a local level, removing ineffective and corrupt officials and empowering those who desire to lead and represent responsibly and compassionately. Through truly listening to communities and efforts of mutual aid, flash mobs will accomplish long-neglected areas of concern. By forming volunteer groups who will provide aid for jail inmates and organizing ballot initiative drives, The After Party will create high visibility and forge much needed-in roads in communities across the country.

With 5,172 “Likes” on Facebook, after introducing themselves in December of 2013, they have their work cut out for them. In a poll the alliance of activists put on their Facebook page, The After Party asked if they should campaign for a basic monthly income for every citizen that would be guaranteed. Only 351 people responded, 82 percent of which voted “yes.” They need some bigger numbers to continue making an impact. One problem they may have is that when a Google search is done for The After Party, a band with 30,976 “Likes” on Facebook comes up, as well as a story about Jennifer Lawrence puking at an Oscar after party at Madonna’s house. Adding the word “political” helped a little bit, but this party needs to make greater public relations efforts if they want to go viral.

The After Party’s time has come, but is this country ready for the changes they plan to implement? While many people may agree with their platform and plan, the party needs to ask itself how it can lure voters out of their political comfort zones. The After Party may be an alliance of activists, but it also needs to be a union of the politically disenfranchised, disillusioned and apathetic. On the upside, their “Like” number on Facebook had to be updated six times for this article.

by Stacy Lamy





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  1. Mohideen Ibramsha   May 4, 2014 at 10:10 pm

    Search on “AfterPartyUSA” The result in the first page of search results is about the party.


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