Toni Braxton Says Son’s Autism Is God’s Judgment for Previous Abortion

Toni Braxton Says Son’s Autism Is God’s Judgment for Previous Abortion

Toni Braxton blames son's autism on hidden sinsToni Braxton said she believes God’s payback for her previous abortion was to give her son autism. In the singer’s new book she opens up about an abortion she had before in 2001 before she was married. Braxton said the abortion has haunted her through the years and caused her to wonder if her second son’s autism diagnosis was her punishment for the procedure. More than anything, Toni says, she is ashamed of herself for going through with the procedure.

Braxton was raised in a very religious household that impressed upon her that God rules with an iron fist and judges people for sins they commit. The songstress describes her childhood as being reared in a very strict household. Braxton says she could not wear pants and during Lent season she was forced to fast for two weeks. The church her family attended forced students to memorize at least 25 Bible scriptures each week; many times she had to neglect doing her homework in order to accomplish this mandate.

In her new book entitled, Unbreak My Heart, Braxton explores many of these issues. She deals with her belief that God may also be punishing her by her parents’ divorce as well as her own lupus diagnosis. Toni, who has experienced a lot of suffering lately, recently lost the rights to many of her songs after declaring bankruptcy twice. She maintained the rights to Unbreak My Heart, which is why she chose to title her autobiography after this songToni Braxton Says Son’s Autism Is God’s Judgment for Previous Abortion

Braxton wonders if this is just a coincidence but noted her strict and religious upbringing has left a huge impact on her and she no longer wants to suppress what she feels. The motto of her household while growing up was, “Shut your mouth and suppress your feelings and opinions.”

The sad reality for Braxton, just like so many others, is she relates God to a hard taskmaster as opposed to a loving father who wants the best for his children. Toni is one of many with the belief that God is cold and distant; only dealing with his creation by rules and logistics.

There is a scripture in the Bible, Deuteronomy 23, which states when a child was born a bastard under the law he (or she) could not go into the “House of the Lord” because they were not connected to a father. The theory at that time was a disconnected child would never really understand who God is because they had no knowledge of a father’s love.

There are a lot of people who know God as a higher power but not a loving parent. Braxton is the perfect example of so many Christians who have failed to recognize that God is not some judge waiting to sentence his creation instead he is a father who loves and embraces his children.

These believers carry the ideal if they mess up God will get mad at them, and in some form, curse them. A true father does not love because of what his child does; he simply loves because they are his children. When a child falls and gets dirty their parent does not stop loving them, instead they pick them up while they are still dirty and immediately tries to ease their discomfort.

This is the mark of a loving father and sadly far too many people, like Toni, do not know God as such; they think God acts like the people in their circle of “love.” When they mess up they believe God turns his back on them and replaces his love with judgment.

There is another verse in the Bible which reads, “While we were still in sin, Christ died for the ungodly.” This seems to describe a God who does not love people more because they are “saved” or because they attend church. He loves all his children.

Jesus also addressed this topic very directly in the ninth chapter of John when he and his disciples come across a blind man. His disciples asked him,

Rabbi who sinned, this man or his parents, that he was born blind? Neither this man nor his parents sinned, said Jesus, but this happened so that the works of God might be displayed in his life (John 9:2–3).

This seems to speak loud and clear – something else was going on in this man’s suffering other than retributive exchange. The man’s affliction was not evidence of a curse or punishment. Life happens and it is never void of purpose. The side effect of this “judgmental” type of belief is it implies if a person experiences suffering in some way, it is a result of some hidden sin.

Toni Braxton said she believes God is somehow using her son’s autism as payback for an abortion she had is 2001. The singer said the abortion has haunted her for a long time and caused her to wonder if she was being punished for her sin. The truth is grace fundamentally rejects this theory.

Opinion by: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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  2. You made various good points there. I did a search on the subject and found nearly all folks will agree with your blog.

  3. This is Bi-Fold, meaning there is consequence to Sin but Oh how merciful and Loving our Father in Heaven is…His grace and unmerited favor is so undeserving but given b/c of what King Jesus did to accomplish the bridge to the Father that our Sin destroyed. Toni needs to learn she is forgiven but is nail on in describing the wages of sin…which is death…but we don’t have to die b/c of what King Jesus did at Calvary and How Our Mighty God raised Him up, so too we also will be raised…Dead to Sin, Alive in Christ…It’s a shame people do not have the correct understanding of Sin and it’s deadly consequences…Jesus work is finished but not to be used as a form of cheap grace…each time we sin we trample our Lord underfoot…We will stumble, We will Sin…but if we believe in the Ministry of the Holy Spirit then God will help us and as each day comes and goes will can be stronger in the Lord b/c of what He suffered on our behalf…So Toni, if you ever come across this comment…know that you have been forgiven and stand on the promises of God…I wish more people would read the word of God and know that yes He is a loving God but He is also a Just God and sin cannot go unpunished and does have consequences… Jesus was a Man who loved but also a Man who did not put up with nor tolerate iniquity…He was a Man of Grace and Truth and you cannot have one without the other…Scripture should be read in context and exegesis…with many a Christian on the broad road b/c all they insist on eating is only the soft parts of the scripture…a balanced diet means sometimes we have to eat vegetables we don’t like, the same is true with the word of God…We may not experience the outcome of sin on this side of heaven but in God’s just timing…we will have to stand and answer for it…2 Samuel 12:1–31 A good study of King David’s sin with Bathsheba

  4. I am Autistic. I can not speak with my mouth and I have trouble moving my body the way I want. Somehow my family still loves me and considers me a BLESSING. Not a curse! Not a punishment!

    I feel sick in my heart and stomach and soul for her child. That child will grow up knowing the mother not only believes the child is cursed but tells the world that lie about the child.

    I wish I could tell that child “Do not believe your mother. She lies. You are blessed and perfect just the way you are!”

    1. I agree. A child is not a punishment, and autism is not just a disability but a way of being and autistic peoples are all valuable.

  5. What a silly conclusion TB has jumped to. If she had not aborted the first child, of course there is no guarantee the next one would not have been autistic. I find it odd that people seem to think that God judges our actions by afflicting the innocent. What pure nonsense!

  6. Toni Braxton should be deeply ashamed of herself for making it known that she thinks her son is a curse from God. Her child will find out what she said sooner or later. I feel for him. No child should have to deal with emotional abuse from their own mother.

  7. What a stupid, ignorant, pathetic statement.

    It’s 2014. Wake up people. Stop believing in nonsense.

  8. There is a God. How did you get here? The bible says at I john 4:8 GOD IS LOVE

  9. Matthew 10:34“Do not suppose that I have come to bring peace to the earth. I did not come to bring peace, but a sword”.
    Guess who said that… And whats with this Christian perception that doing good things to a’peas their BronzeAge master or suffer in his hell, is for some reason seen as a vir·tu·ous choice. (Just think about it)

  10. Until you walk in the other person shoes you we will never understand what makes people say what they say. God knows why and that is all that matters. Pray that she will see the truth of God’s love. The world has so many parents with children of ASD and if a poll was to be taken close to half of us have had that same thought “Is it something I did to cause this”? That is just reality on how people think you go through so many levels – the how – the why- the why my child etc….. Her thought is not uncommon but as with all things God will make it right. If she is a believer of God he will set her heart and mind on the path of love in his time not ours. Judging her about what she said is wrong, how many times have we said something expressing how we feel and just didn’t come out so nice and pretty.
    She confessed her sin, she expressed what she thought….No matter what religious upbringing we received he loves us all the same, he speaks to us all the same and continues to pour out grace to us all the same. Years from now she will not feel how she feels today because God will open her eyes to the truth in his time.

  11. I admire Ms. Braxton’s humbleness in admitting that she was wrong by killing her unborn child. That takes guts especially in a country that has almost completely abandoned God and His people. Her son’s autism may or may not be a punishment, but her repenting of the abortion is most certainly pleasing in the site of the Lord. My prayers are with you, Toni.

    “Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of the womb a reward.”

    Psalm 127:3

    1. John wrote: “especially in a country that has almost completely abandoned God and His people.”

      Oh you poor, poor Christian. It must be so hard to live in a country where the politics is dominated by Christians, where you don’t have a hope in getting elected to anything unless you are a Christian and where we’re enjoying our 44th Christian president in a row. Yup – “almost completely abandoned God” sounds about right (roll eyes).

  12. Some people are very thoughtless in the drive for attention. She is not thinking about the pain thoughtless parenting causes when she calls that beautiful child a punishment.

  13. My son has autism. But it’s a blessing in my life because he super smart. Can’t blame god for your child having autism. I feel bad for her. But I guess if that’s what she believes, oh well. But my son was a gift from god.

  14. She doesn’t see God as a loving father, simply a higher power to obey and fear. I don’t think she meant that autism itself is a curse. i think she was speaking from raw emotion. she needs to realize that its not the God she fears that is beating her up for her decision, its herself.

  15. My God is a vengeful god… or was it forgiving? OH RIGHT! Jesus Forgives. God gives kids Autism. SMH.

  16. I hope her son never sees or hears this. I feel sorry for him. But I also feel bad for her that she can’t see the blessings in autism. I was there. I know the feeling. It is awful. I hope someday she comes to see her baby for the beautiful boy he is, not despite the autism, but for exactly who he is, autism and all.

    1. Maybe she’s an unfit mother… but she can afford for other people to raise her little punishment..’

  17. This poor woman is a good representative of the harm that is often done to children by raising them to believe in a hateful god. Now she’s stuck with mental problems, including self-guilt. I’m glad to have been spared that.

  18. This statement is disgusting and HIGHLY offensive to ANYONE, let alone someone with a child who has autism. My child was chosen for ME, he is the greatest gift from God. Toni Braxton should be ASHAMED of herself. She lost a fan.

  19. There is no good answer for the problem of suffering — how a loving god could stand idly by as bad things happen to good people.

    Toni Braxton, like many Christians, was beyond even contemplating Christianity’s greatest ethical problem.

    Some simply obsess over the blood and gore, the hanging from the cross, the ingestion of blood and flesh, the human/non-human sacrifice. It looks pretty strange to an objective observer.

    Love? No, it’s all about guilt.

  20. As a parent of an Autistic 21 yr. old son, I can tell you that what she feels is completely normal. I too have had the same thoughts as her having been through the same guilt. We try to figure out what we did wrong. I lived with the same emotion as her. But it is not her fault. God gives us these special people because he knows we can learn from them. I myself have learned patience more than anything. We all need to remember that God has a plan for us. True it’s trying but I know it’s part of God’s plan for my life. Just remember, God never gives us anything that we can’t handle. I am so blessed to have my son in my lufe! He’s truly a blessing and I learn something new everyday! Don’t judge Ms. Braxton…she’s having normal feelings of an Autistic parent. But I bet that child is her whole world! She will find her way…

    1. I totally agree. Buried inside me is the never voiced conviction that I did something that caused my son’s autism. It’s is seldom voiced because reason tells me that it’s not so. Mothers have some primeval instinct to blame themselves. I am not sure what purpose this served in the history of motherhood but it is still there. My boy had surgery at 10 months and I was not allowed to go down to theatre with him. I blame my failure to demand the right to remain with him. I think he was traumatised by this and this was the begining of his shut down. I cannot bear to think about it. So, like the lady above I think Ms Braxton blames herself for this terrible thing from which she could not protect her child. Sad.

  21. Wow. This is offensive on so many levels. A. Autism is not a punishment. To say that makes me very sad for her child. It is challenging, of course, but it is not a curse. It is not cancer. B. If, by her reasoning, Autism is a “punishment” I’d love to know what she thinks I did to deserve one stillborn child and another with Autism. She is entitled to think whatever she wants, but this kind of rhetoric is so dangerous and damaging. I would suggest she seek therapy stat, if not for her sake, for her child’s.

  22. See, no matter how much all Christians want to deny that biblical god is based on punishment and reward , it doesn’t make it not real. It’s the whole foundation of the bible. Do good, and good will happen , or god will rescue or save you somehow . Do bad and you will get to go to hell. The thinking that everyone is criticizing here is biblical thinking. She is a prime example of what the bible will do to your entire mental paradigm. It isn’t her fault.. It’s the fault of the church , of the Christian community and the bible. It is the Essence of the entire Christian religion. How many of you are Christian so you will go to heaven? How many are Christian because of a fear of The Lord? How many of you have thought about someone that wronged you or others and thought , that’s ok c because god will show them in the end ? I mean, it is her responsibility to be in charge of what she believes now. It’s sad , that so many of us get this curse, because our parents , and culture funneled the garbage into our brains before we could say , no .

    1. Allle, just because this woman is CONFUSED, does not speak at all to who our G-d is.
      You obviously have NEVER picked up a bible.G-d is a LOVING FORGIVING G-D! HE died, DIED for our sins, because we all fall short.

      I am sorry you were lied to, and do not know the TRUE LOVING FORGIVING G-d. I was raised with the scary judgement god in the sky too…but I have a BRAIN, and I used it to find the TRUTH. I read the WORD for myself, and did not take anyone else’s word for it.

      She was clearly raised within a cult of confusion. She DOES NOT SPEAK FOR THE CHRISTIAN FAITH.

      Who else loves YOU enough to die for your faults?

      “How blessed are the poor in spirit!
      for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.
      “How blessed are those who mourn!
      for they will be comforted.
      “How blessed are the meek!
      for they will inherit the Land![a]
      “How blessed are those who hunger and thirst for righteousness!
      for they will be filled.
      “How blessed are those who show mercy!
      for they will be shown mercy.
      “How blessed are the pure in heart!
      for they will see God.
      “How blessed are those who make peace!
      for they will be called sons of God.
      “How blessed are those who are persecuted
      because they pursue righteousness!
      for the Kingdom of Heaven is theirs.

      John 15:13 No one has greater love than a person who lays down his life for his friends.

      It is sad that her child is less than too her, and he is a punishment in her eyes. He deserves a better mother than this. How is what she doing any better than what her parents did to her? That is tantamount to abuse. She must not be repentant about the abortion, because G-d FORGIVES. He LOVES He Comforts. He died, for sins such as this.
      This makes me sick and sad.

  23. I feel sorry for her back when she felt AUTISM was a PUNISHMENT. It sounds like she’s grown past that, though. Abortion may be one of the most evil things under the sun, but autism is nowhere near being a punishment!

  24. Toni.. you need to pray for g forgiveness for your heinous attitude. Autistic children are a blessing. You neurotypical parents are fortunate to be given the opportunity to care for such awesome people.

  25. Damaging and highly emotive. Her management should have advised her against publicising this book. The autism community will errupt with fury. She needs counselling before she damages her children more than she already has.

  26. I have lost all respect for her because of her primitive mythological beliefs. There is enough trouble in this world without people injecting their faith as the cause of this trouble. If she chooses to believe this nonsense that is her right. I am quite glad that reason lead me out of the quagmire of self loathing and original sin many years ago.

  27. Wow. Just wow. I think I might have just lost all respect for Mrs. Braxton. Not for the abortion, but for thinking of her child having autism as a curse. God’s wrath was quenched by the blood of Jesus. We, as Christians, live by the Spirit, and there is freedom from condemnation in Christ. Our kids with autism are a gift!! Our kids are amazing individuals. They process differently, they behave in ways some of us don’t understand, and that is fine, they will learn our precarious social crazy stuff in due time. Acceptance is key.

  28. So sad that she feels this way. It rains on the just and the unjust. Some that have never had abortions have children with very severe disabilities. I feel sorry for her that she is trapped in this way of thinking. God loves us and wants to be there for us in our need.

  29. Why do people want to look to God for all that happens in their lives? God never says we will not endure suffering, in fact he guarantees we all will suffer, some of us more than others. God only promises that He will be with us through it all, to the end. God offered his only son for over salvation, we only need to believe and repent for our sins, repent, not be sorry, not be remorseful, but repent and change our behavior, there is judgement but with Christ there is forgiveness, be grateful and accept Christ as your savior

  30. That’s horrible. She obviously did not have a balanced upbringing and knows God as a fire and brimstone, judgemental God, which is far from the truth! Autism is not a punishment for previous sins as a mother. It’s a gift, with unique individuals that are outside the box of life. My son is a blessing not a curse !

  31. First of all,I pray that this article is untrue & doesn’t accurately reflect how Ms. Braxton feels. I pray for her son. I pray that he never reads any of these negative articles and if article is true, doesn’t sense how his mother feels. Her son may…like my 14 y/o son with autism, may also be able to read and is keenly aware of others feelings. I will continue to pray that God will provide Ms. Braxton with strength and kindness when dealing with son’s challenging behaviors but also help guide her to see the specialness of her son’s soul. Please know your son is a blessing and let him feel that.amy

  32. i so understand where Ms. Braxton is coming from although i don’t believe that her son’s autism is a curse for her previous abortion, my heart is broken for her thoughts on God. i struggle with the same feeling. For the longest time I wondered why did He hate me so much because I saw every disappointment as a ‘whatever’ from God. Oh the anguish! i know it in my head but it still is a struggle in my heart.

    1. Kamla, there are so many people who struggle with that feeling – this was the focus of the entire article – Thanks for getting it!

  33. Toni should give her son up for adoption if she truly believes that. She has no business being a parent with those beliefs. It’s despicable and disgraceful!

  34. She just pissed me off…and this is coming from a women with TWO BEAUTIFUL AUTISTIC CHILDREN. fool!

  35. This is ridiculous. God punished me for my abortion with a set of healthy triplets. He must love atheists. I feel sorry for those with autism who don’t feel as though they are a punishment inflicted on their parents by a capricious deity, but who read this tripe and wonder about it.

  36. False and misleading header for this article. Listen to what she ACTUALLY said about this and read the book. This entry is misleading and exposing ignorance. She NOW does not think Autism is a punishment but she DID initially right when she found out, when she knew nothing about it. Throwing stones smh. Read HER story and not the one formulated by this attention seeking blog.

    1. What is really sad is the story is not written in a negative light for Ms. Braxton it is more directed towards the many people that feel that way and carry that guilt when they don’t need to. So absolutely no stones were thrown – except for the ones you just threw.

  37. False and misleading header for this article. Listen to her words about this and actually read the book. This entry is misleading and exposing ignorance.

  38. “…Son’s Autism Is God’s Judgment for Previous Abortion”

    Why worship a God you freely admit is a petty, vindictive bastard?

  39. Self centered! Toni Braxton, Autism is not about you, and Autism is not bad. Parents like you, on the other hand, are the problem we face and that’s why we are stigmatized and devalued

  40. She has lupus, that’s an autoimmune disease… so is autism in my opinion, Google “brain autoimmunity & autism”! I have family history of autoimmune diseases and 2 members of our family are on the autistic spectrum, in fact most people with ASD have family members with autoimmune diseases.

    BPA in plastic was extremely prevalent in baby items in the not too recent past & still is in food containers, tin cans, water bottles, etc. This chemical is an endocrine disruptor, aka immune system and a cause of, yup you guessed it… autoimmune diseases!

    Autism diagnosis rates increased dramatically in the 1980 ‘ & 90’s, but so did the amount of plastic used for food packaging and our Tupperware generations began to have children, microwave use also increased & heating plastic greatly increases the leaching of BPA. So perhaps it’s not punishment from God, just toxic chemicals and a convenient way to sell products!

  41. Wow. What a self centered woman. Can’t accept that much of the time, autism just IS. Not because of something, or in spite of something. She has to take this thing that is uniquely his, and make it about her. THERE’S the shame.

  42. My son has autism and I feel he is my gift from god people like u don’t deserve to even have kids….. God have me h because he knows I’m strong enough to have him Justice is his names and perfect is what he is I love him.. Think because you have all the money you ever need you have to be perfect why you how could this happen….. That’s crazy woman God just handed you a gift

  43. Her comments are ignorant!!! So parents who, God forbid, have been diagnosed with a cancer (or anything else) are all punishments from God….BS.
    Her lupus is God’s punishment along with her parents divorce? Someone needs to slap some sense into her.

  44. First of all, I don’t know what she means by punishment. Second, I’ve never had an abortion and have a child with autisim.

  45. Oh my gosh…this poor girl just needs to know the true Christian God. I don’t believe she loves her child less because he has autism, referring to the two previous comments. She is full of shame, guilt and deep regret [I have been there] for what she has done and does not know who God truly is. ..she needs prayer [not condemnation] and healing only the Lord can give her…Before healing, those that have experienced an abortion all felt God was punishing them or would zap their living children for their sins [the sin of abortion]…until we truly know and understand who God is and who we are too Him! How much He loves us. Forgive, receive God’s forgiveness, confess, repent and be grateful for what the Lord has done for us! If we don’t receive God’s forgiveness and hold on to the pain, shame & guilt…we are saying Jesus did not do enough!!!! That God’s plan for our redemption wasn’t complete enough? This is pride, pride, pride! We think we deserve to be punished and cannot accept forgiveness. How much more could He do…He gave His life for us! We need to experience God’s mercy and His wonderful Grace here on earth! Now!…believe and faith in what Jesus did, understand what Jesus did…just for you.

  46. I can not imagine looking at my Autistic daughter as a punishment, and not as the gift she is. My daughter is amazing in so many ways, and has shown me what it really means to love unconditionally. The fact that Toni can not see her child as a gift is incredibly shameful.

  47. Wow what a loser!! So glad i never bought any of her albums . And i believe autisic children are a gift from God not a punishiment. Someone needs to slap her silly.

  48. SO much wrong with this – 1stly I don’t beleive God meters out ‘punishments’ in the form of ‘disabilities’ to peoples children as punishment … 2ndly the idea that ASD is a punishment ie. a ‘bad’ thing to have 🙁

  49. I agree God is love and no sin is too big for him to forgive, we just have to have the faith to believe and receive his unconditional love like no other. Guilt is behind this kind of thinking.

  50. How very sad but I do understand. When I was young, my mother used to tell me “God punishes” all the time when I did something wrong. She always said something bad would happen to me because of my misbehavior. When I grew up, I realized what a sad view of Gods love my mother had. Yes, we are held accountable for our sins, but if we accept the sacrifice Christ made for us we aren’t punished. Our children certainly are not punished for any wrongs we may have committed. I have an ASD son and I know that He was made just the way God wanted him! He is a blessing, not the result of misbehavior on my part. I pray Toni realizes this truth and comes to truly understand how very much God loves her and her child.

  51. First of all, let me just say that Toni Braxton is one of the most talented songstresses ever. Now for her to say what she said about our Father, whatever she’s been taught about God has been completely all LIES. Her son is so blessed she has no idea how much. My son is autistic also and even though I know life will be hard for him, it does not change the fact that God created my son the way HE wanted him to be on this earth. How she is thinking is absolutely wrong in the fact that people are daily visiting their child at a pediatric oncology inpatient facility. Do you know how fast they would trade places with her in a second if autism was all they had to deal with. Autism is not the end of the world, it’s hard but it is VERY doable. We are all unique, everyone has a different fingerprint for His reason. God is nothing but Love. He loves all of us. He may not like the things we do but to repent for it through the blood of Christ Jesus we are forgiven and its erased and NEVER brought up again by our Father. She needs to understand God wanted a person exactly like her son, my son, and everybody else child who is different. We are all different. This is not our eternal home. He will know all and be whole again in paradise for eternity. All of us will. God knows the minds of His people born and those who are mentally disabled in any way, they are blessed. Heaven awaits for all of them. I usually do not respond to articles like this but I could not hold my feelings in. Please just keep praying.

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