Tori Spelling Works on Her Marriage

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Reality television personality Tori Spelling who has been making headlines in the tabloid papers has been busy at work trying to salvage her marriage with her husband and confirmed philanderer, Dean McDermott. According to reports, Spelling and McDermott have been spotted more frequently since the stressed out star’s release from a six-day stay in a Los Angeles hospital.

In a gesture and exhibition of togetherness, the fractured couple were spotted in and around Los Angeles demonstrating what reports are calling “public displays of affection.” Spelling and McDermott reportedly spent the day together on Saturday getting Thai massages, dining out for lunch and acting ever so affectionate.

Whether the couple is truly making efforts to patch things up in the wake of Dean McDermott’s confessing to an extra-marital affair with a Canadian actress back in December, or if this latest public spotting was for the purposes of capturing material for their reality television show True Tori, Spelling and McDermott still have cameras following their every move.

As Tori Spelling grapples with trying to keep her family in tact, McDermott has confessed to personal and unsettling thoughts on what the fallout from his indiscretions have meant for him. Sources are reporting that in light of the drama and attention showcasing his infidelity on television has brought, Dean McDermott has disclosed in a marriage counseling session that he had contemplated committing suicide, suffered a nervous breakdown and turned to alcohol to numb himself of the true reality of what was being shown on their reality series.

With four children under the age of eight, it appears that Spelling and McDermott have so much at stake to make their union work if not for the sake of love but for the sake of their family. Both Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott met and had an affair of their own working on the set of a movie when both were in committed relationships with other people. With a wife and kids, McDermott ended that union and soon after married Tori Spelling in a move that cynics are saying Spelling is paying karma back for getting involved with a married man.

As for Spelling, the stress of the responsibilities of juggling young kids, keeping her commitments to her television show and the public embarrassment of her husband’s cheating have left the former Beverly Hills 90210 star looking gaunt and fragile. Spelling has been spotted in the streets of Los Angeles appearing to be incredibly skinny in a very unhealthy way. Her skeletal look is drawing concern from those who believe the star, while trying to push through, needs more help than she is getting. Many are saying that an intervention needs to be staged by her mother Candy Spelling to save her distressed daughter and help her grandchildren. So far, reports indicate that Candy Spelling remains to stay out of the situation, letting her daughter fend for herself.

In marriage vows that read “for better of for worse,” Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott will continue to keep the cameras on as they iron out their marital issues. For Spelling and her husband, marriage councilors believe that the past choices made by the couple only works to benefit those who tune in to watch the real-life drama unfold. At the end of the day, councilors say Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott will have a lot to reconcile with themselves and their children when the cameras eventually stop rolling.

Opinion by Hal Banfield


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  1. Michelle Lardbutt (@MichelleLardbut)   May 5, 2014 at 12:23 pm

    As she was leaving the hospital, a reporter engaged Tori Spelling in the following conversation:

    REPORTER: So, Tori, what did you do with the money?

    TORI SPELLING: What money?

    REPORTER: The money that your father gave you for acting lessons!


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